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TextMeister is a generic text log reader featuring log monitoring and event notification facilities.
A single installation can harvest Text log data throughout your network without the need for multiple licences.
TextMeister gathers information from virtually any text logs on your computer or any networked computer. Data from all logs is presented to you in a consistent, easy to read format.
Use powerful filters to retrieve only the information in which you’re interested and merge data from multiple logs for easier timeline analysis.
You can filter, sort and reorganize columns to assist with detailed analysis and data presentation, and create multiple views of the same data.
At any time you can export a log, aggregate log or cross-section of a log in various formats including text, csv, xml, formatted html and RSS. This makes it easy to import filtered data into databases or analysis applications such as Excel.
You can even publish your logs or specific data entries and data views as RSS feeds. TextMeister resides in your system tray and will monitor your logs 24/7, watching out for certain entry patterns.
When it identifies an item of interest, it will respond by issuing visual and audio alerts, sending emails, writing to a log and even running your own scripts.
IMPORTANT: If the ‘Install Service Component’ option is selected, the service will be set to run under the same account as the application itself. This account MUST have administrator privileges and be password protected. Take care to enter the correct password during installation otherwise the service will not run.
You can install / uninstall the service component at any time simply by running the install wizard (the installation program) again. None of your settings will be affected by this, but it’s always wise to take a backup before making any changes – see “Backing Up” in the Help for details.







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Written in Delphi Seattle VCL, TextMeister Download With Full Crack has been completely rewritten from the ground up using modern features and conventions. TextMeister is a VCL app that will provide you with a variety of powerful text log reading and filtering functions to help you monitor and analyze logs, sometimes referred to as ‘audit logs’.

TextMeister is a VCL app, which means it’s easy to use, but at the same time provides you with comprehensive searching, filtering and filtering operations to help you configure the look and functionality of the app to suit your needs.

TextMeister provides you with the following features:

* Pre-defined list of log types that TextMeister can monitor (see below)
* Ability to filter, sort and group (aggr) logs by any of the following criteria:
– Log type
– Log entry date
– Log entry number
– Log event detail
– Log entry ID
* Aggregate logs by any of the above items. In addition, you can aggregate all log types in the same view by the User, Computer or even just the Date and Time.
* Ability to select and sort columns (order) of log data that appear within the app
* A powerful sorting function can be applied to any of the log data so that you can simply select the column or columns you want sorted.
* Screenshot of each log entry
* Ability to export logs and or log data to various file formats (see below)
* Ability to merge log views so you can see a complete timeline for any particular log entry, date, number, type etc.
* Open log files in the app to view their data
* Ability to search through logs by text string, date or time
* Ability to search through logs by an entry ID number or log type
* Ability to change the order of columns within the log view.
* Ability to change how the view looks. This includes things such as column widths and app titles (sub-headings for each column)
* Ability to export each log to a text file, a csv file, formatted html and rss (if you have the service component installed).

TextMeister Features:

* Monitors all of the following types of Log Files:
– System Logs
– Error logs
– Web Server Logs
– Windows Event logs
* The list of supported Log Types below is by no means exhaustive

TextMeister Registration Code

TextMeister is a lightweight and easy-to-use text log reader for Windows PCs. It can monitor and analyse almost any type of text logs including FIFO, NT, MSSQL, MySQL, BlackLog, OPC Server, WebLog, XML-based logs, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, Comma Separated Values (CSV), HTML, Json, Rich Text Format (RTF), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheets, Access Documents, PDF, Zip Files, Arbitrary binary files and even more.
TextMeister includes an instant messenger based on Jabber that takes care of all connection issues. It also has a feature that will display all the connections at the same time. So it is easy to find out which servers are connected and when.
TextMeister includes many useful predefined filters such as a search for a specific field, date range, IP, URL, Location, File Extension, File Size, File Creation Date, File Size, File Name, Email, AFS (MS Outlook), CMS (MS Outlook), Email List, AFS Sent / Received, AFS Sent / Received by, AFS Sent / Received to, AFS Sent / Received CC, AFS Sent / Received BCC, AFS Sent / Received Date, etc.
TextMeister can be configured to read a minimum amount of text in a log: “At Least the last

What’s New In TextMeister?

— Select a text log in the source list window, click ‘Start’ and TextMeister will start harvesting that log. It can now listen for text logs in all registry, file and folder locations on your computer.
The source list window is displayed in Settings / Preferences. At the top of this window you’ll see a Help icon, clicking this will display the Help window, with a manual, information on the various source window functions, a quick start guide, and a link to the online community version at www.textmeister.com
Settings / Preferences:
Settings / Preferences:
Clicking ‘Edit’ next to each Source, will let you edit the settings for that source type.
Clicking ‘Add’ next to each Source, will let you add a new source to your source list.
Clicking ‘Edit Source’ next to each Source, will let you change the settings for that specific source.
Each Source can be set to: ‘Read-Only’, ‘Read-Write’, ‘Selected Only’, ‘In-use’ and ‘Hidden’ (so that it won’t appear in the list of available sources).
Clicking ‘Edit’ next to a source allows you to change the settings for that source.
Each Source can be set to: ‘Read Only’, ‘Read-Write’, ‘Selected Only’, ‘In-use’ and ‘Hidden’ (so that it won’t appear in the list of available sources).
Clicking ‘New Group’ next to a source, will allow you to make a new group from one or more sources.
Clicking ‘New List’ next to a source, will allow you to make a new list from one or more sources.
Clicking ‘New’ next to a list, will allow you to make a new list from one or more sources.
The Filter section will let you filter out log sources by ‘Registry Path’, ‘Folder Path’, ‘File Path’, ‘Filename’ and ‘Text’.
New Log Types:
The New Log Types section allows you to create new log types by selecting the source and then selecting the criteria to filter out all log sources that do not match that criteria. For example: ‘System’ would be a filter that will match only System logs, ‘Internet’ would match Internet services like Avira Antivirus or Microsoft Security Essentials.
Registry Path Source List Settings:
The Registry Path Source List allows you to create a source list of only registry paths.


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