Saraswatishishumandirprayerbook [HOT]

by doriwelb
Published: September 11, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Saraswatishishumandirprayerbook [HOT]





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This invention relates to a solid-liquid separator comprising an elongated fibrous element, the interior of the fibrous element being packed with one or more particulate materials. The particulate-bearing fibrous element is then processed, either continuously or intermittently, to produce a fiber bundle which can be combined with a second fiber bundle to form a consolidated fiber bundle.
(2) Description of the Prior Art
Fibers, particularly glass fibers, that are supplied to a melt production plant as loose fibers are combined with a refractory material to form a glass fiber/refractory mixture. The refractory material is usually in the form of a shaped refractory brick or a loose or preformed refractory material. In a conventional process of manufacturing glass fibers, the loose glass fibers, together with the loose refractory material are moved by a conveying apparatus such as a belt conveyor to a mixing apparatus in which the loose glass fibers and refractory material are mixed together to form a glass/refractory mixture. Typically the refractory material is particles of friable refractory material that can disintegrate to form finer particles as it is mixed with the glass fibers. The glass fiber/refractory mixture is thereafter conveyed to a moving oven in which the mixture is heated to convert the mixture to a molten glass, and the molten glass is drained through an orifice to form molten glass fibers. The refractory material is typically in the form of friable refractory material that is introduced into the mixing apparatus at the top of the mixing