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RF Types Crack+ X64 2022 [New]

RF Types is an utility which allows you to easily view all file extensions that are associated with a specific application, including their icon, file type, MIME type, context menu entry, and default action. The app will also display a complete directory of actions associated with each extension, as well as a table of commands you can execute by pressing a file’s icon.
What is it like?
RF Types is a nifty utility, which allows you to scan all registered file extensions in a few minutes. Aesthetic design is decent, with nice and sharp icons, at least in default view. Major features include the ability to generate a.reg file containing extension and file type info, as well as the ability to export various formats for large data dumps.
One issue is that the program is only a viewer, although the latter can be considered a pro. Otherwise, everything is perfectly clean.
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RF Types Crack Patch With Serial Key

RF Types is an app for Windows, that will list all registered file extensions.
It will also list which program is used to open this file type.
You can export the list of all registered file extensions as a text file, or save a list in a csv file.
How to activate RF Types?
This free and easy to use app can be downloaded from the link below.

How it works
The download part is simple. Once the download completes and you start the app for the first time, you’ll be asked to set a license key. Make sure to read everything on the screen and tick the check box before pressing OK.

After that you’ll be presented with a list of registered file types and a lot of useful information about them.
On top of the file type information, you’ll find an overview of all programs that can handle that type of files. Click on the program to explore the full configuration.

You’ll also be able to:

create a text file with information about registered extensions on your system.

export the information as a csv file.

Manage the database

Add file types
Add the file types you want to display. You can also remove any extensions that aren’t on your system.

Filter by extension
You can filter the file extensions by source (Windows installation sources like the control panel, or a.reg file), by language, by MIME type (or multiple MIME types), by program or action (this means the programs that open this type of file), and by file extension.

Exclude extensions
You can also exclude extensions from the export and list file creation processes. By excluding extensions, you can prevent them from displaying on your system.

Create the csv file
You can create a file with all the information about registered file extensions.

Manage the list of programs
You can change the programs that are displayed on the list. As an example, you can add or remove the programs that support the file type, or you can sort the list by source, programs, extensions, MIME type or actions.

Export the text file
You can export the information about registered file types as a text file.

You can remove a single file type

You can export the list of programs as a csv file.

You can import a custom list of file types

Export the list of file types

RF Types (2022)

RF Types is a powerful extension detection utility that can list all the file and registry extensions that are registered on your computer.
Brief RF Types Review:
RF Types is a powerful extension detection utility that can list all the file and registry extensions that are registered on your computer.
How to start:
Install the extension to an account with administrative rights, otherwise the list of registered extensions won’t be scanned.
How to use:
1. Click on ‘Scan Now’ button to start the scanning process.
2. Check ‘Open With’ selections to see the applications listed that can open a specific file.
3. Check ‘Installed’ tab to see which programs have been registered to handle the extensions.
4. Click on the ‘Export’ button to export the list as a CSV file, or ‘Load’ to load the saved file.
5. Click on ‘Help’ button to access help and extended info.
6. Click on ‘Scan Settings’ to open the extension’s settings.
7. To unregister an extension, check its box in ‘Installed’ tab and click on ‘Save’.
8. To remove all extensions, uncheck its box in ‘Installed’ tab.
9. To view or export a list of all registered extensions, click on ‘Report’ button.
Other interesting information:
• The application makes use of the open_with.reg file to store the information, which is written in JSON format.
• The scanning process may take up to several minutes depending on the hard drive speed.
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What’s New in the RF Types?

RF Types is a program designed to scan and detect all registered file extensions on a computer.
It provides very accurate results, and is not designed to hide your identity. This tool does not offer any protection from unauthorized users.
It provides a list of supported file types according to their associated applications. Based on the associated programs, it shows possible actions that can be performed when the file is opened. It also provides details about the location of the file in the Registry. It is not a guide, but a file extension registry scanner. It scans and detects all registered extensions on your computer. It is supposed to work with all version of Windows.
This application is capable of showing any registered file extensions that are based on the MIME type. It is capable of showing the default file extension for any type. It can also show the default program or application associated with the file type. It can also show the default shortcut associated with a file type. It can also show the names of the files that are associated with a given file type. It provides additional information about the file such as date, size and other attributes.
This program works without a requirement of installation. It is available in both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is a very simple and easy to use application.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit with 4.0GB of RAM
Processor: Intel Core i5 6500 with 3.0GHz clock rate
Memory: 6GB of RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 20GB of available space
Additional Notes:
This application requires that DirectX 11 is installed, so if you do not have this, you will need to update the system.
This application will require approximately 20GB of available space to run.
Current version