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Together with our partner team, Square Enix, we have produced an action RPG by utilizing the latest in gaming technology that offers a rich and voluminous fantasy world.In The Land Between the Rivers and Beyond, a brand new fantasy action RPG, players can take on the role of a “tarnished” hero, using the character development system that offers an original and detailed freedom of play.

The game features a vaster 3D world, a clear battle system with rich theme, and a sophisticated character development system that makes it easy to try out various and fascinating battle techniques.Features

Build your own unique character with 100+ character classes.

Fantastic and vast fantasy world.

Three different battle styles.

Flourishing social features, including a powerful global trading system.

World time system that makes travel easy.

Mixed Mode battle system where key conditions are set outside of battle.

Special Equipment that can be used during battle.

Play with up to three people in multiplayer (Global player server).

Full voice acting during dialogue scenes.

After launching the closed beta test in September of 2018, we are very happy to be able to share the detailed system information, including the game’s official release date, and we are welcoming your feedback and suggestions.Thank you.

© 2018 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. DRAGON QUEST, SQUARE ENIX, and the SQUARE ENIX logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

© 2018 NIS America, Inc.Q:

Make a specific Polygon Edge hilight

I want to apply a specific hilight to my Polygon edges.
In this example the cross means that I want to light that specific edge only:

I use the following MapAnimator to achieve the transparency.
public class TransparentMapAnimator extends MapAnimator {
private static final float[] TOOLTIPS_ALPHA = new float[]{0.8f, 1f};
private static final float[] TOOLTIPS_ALPHA_2 = new float[]{1f, 1f};
private static final float[] TEXT_COLOR_TRANSPARENT = new float[]{0.8f, 0.8f, 0.8f


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Visual Descriptions, Unique Environments, and Realistic Sounds
    Throughout the the world of Yennefer, composed of an original artistic style based on DAIŌKI MOTOTSUKA’s painting, you will be carried out in a game experience that will gradually please you.

    • Deadly Danger
      In the game, fierce enemies always attack you! With brutal swings and kicks that are full of attitude, the challenge is heightened to its very limits. It’s intense!

      • Card Battling Unique Game Mechanics
        Unique the beat-em-up game system. Interact with the battle action by card attack, and enjoy a cartoony graphical style.

        • Highly End Graphics
          The bustling city landscape, the anachronistic machine, and the wild fantasy world are all created as if to honor a new world born from ancient mysticism.

          • Godly and Devilish Lords that Rise
            Defeat the seven rival co-players and various enemies to prove yourself as the Yennefer of the Lands Between.

            • Freedom of Decision
              Be the co-pilot of a car with a passenger who can only charge by eating food. Gather weapons together and change clothes. Join a card battle as a rogue or use a bow to shoot from a tree trunk.

              • Action that is Worthy of a Single Player Game
                In a MMO RPG with real-time action, you will fully enjoy the sense of link with other players and fully appreciate the setting of card battling, and we hope you will find the game thrilling!
              • The Acclaimed Game Director Playing the Game
              • <span style="color:


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                “It’s always good to see a game like this showing up. This is a style of game that needs to be made more popular.” (game_nes_sakku, rating: 4.45/5.00)

                “What is the best role-playing game of the past 10 years? You can’t say it’s one that is very often given credit (Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy XII), but it’s one that gave us much joy.” (dancha, rating: 4.14/5.00)

                “This is a game that will give you a new outlook on the genre… Tons of things to do, and it’s all very fun.” (Bob Chachernel, reviewer)

                Final Fantasy XI – Strategy Guide – Medeus Dungeon

                Step into the darkness and explore the secrets of the location that only a Sorcerer or Guardian has dared to enter.
                • A Network-Connected Strategy RPG with Tons of Contents
                Develop your Character to clear the game’s content. Play in an online environment with other players.
                • A Different Dungeon With New Rules
                The world of darkness has an entirely new set of rules.
                • Difficulty Rating for Dungeons Laid Bare
                The dungeon is not a place where you can rack up experience points and become a high level character.
                • More Than Two Unique Dungeons
                Face new challenges, such as elements that exceed your survival level, elemental shields, and even more.
                The Final Fantasy XI game is a multiplayer role-playing game with thousands of people coming together online in a single world. Let’s take a look at the Medeus Dungeon that can only be cleared by a Guardian.
                – Divine Stone Dungeon: The Divine Stone Dungeon is located in the Holy Bell Forest near the Clock Tower.
                – Princes’ Alliance Tower Dungeon: The Princes’ Alliance Tower Dungeon is located on the eastern edge of the Scoria Plains.
                – Mirumok Ruins Dungeon: The Mirumok Ruins Dungeon is located in the Underworld located on the western edge of the Grana Hills.
                – Ridgard Ruins Dungeon: The Ridgard Ruins Dungeon is located in the Sparn Mountains near the Dark Belt.
                – Arang Tower Dungeon: The Arang


                Elden Ring Serial Key Download PC/Windows

                In the game ELDEN RING, you play as an Elden Lord who is the illegitimate child of an aristocracy noble. Raised under the care of the Elden Ring, you find yourself drawn to a mysterious dark dragon, continue on a quest, and explore a vast world.

                Release Date: September 21, 2014

                Platform(s): PC Windows (Store, Steam)

                Developer: VOFAL (Company)

                Genre(s): Action RPG

                Price: 14,99 EUR/14,99 USD

                PC Store Page:

                Play Trailer:

                Story ELDEN RING game:

                An Elden who is the illegitimate child of an aristocracy noble returns to the Elden Ring, and is pushed to the brink of ruin.

                The Elden are a race of people who are in possession of the power of the Elden Ring.

                It is the heart of their culture.

                It’s about the Elden civilization, which is sheltered from other races, lies in the continent of Miadara.

                Some centuries ago, the Elden encountered the warlike race of Man.

                Until that point, Man had beaten the Elden in all clashes.

                But in that time, the Elden used their own power to break Man’s strength, and made them retreat from Miadara.

                This story is the story of the Elden Ring.

                The theme of this story will be “Iaido, the sword for the soul”

                Gameplay ELDEN RING game:

                In the game ELDEN RING, you play as an Elden Lord who is the illegitimate child of an aristocracy noble. Raised under the care of the Elden Ring, you find yourself drawn to a mysterious dark dragon, continue on a quest, and explore a vast world.

                Release Date: September 21, 2014

                Platform(s): PC Windows (Store, Steam)

                Developer: VOFAL (Company)

                Genre(s): Action RPG

                Price: 14,99 EUR/14,99 USD

                PC Store Page:

                Play Trailer:

                Story ELDEN RING game:

                In the game ELDEN RING, you play as an Elden Lord who


                What’s new:

                Untitled Document 1

                The new fantasy action RPG Lands Between from Kalypso and Ironhide is revealed in its entirety and it looks like a pretty interesting title

                Open worldRPGs are not a new gaming genre. Setting you free to go wherever you want and create your own adventure. But contrary to the common perception, open world titles like Borderlands and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are not really adventures or open world RPGs in the first place. They are action-adventure titles with side quests to go and the play style being an open world being only added to the mix.

                So with Lands Between we are looking at yet another open world RPG but this time it will be one where you are doing all of the action and can control the epic scale and the dynamic game-play. So lets get to the good part already and see for yourself what the deal will be with this rumored title.

                Lands Between: an open world RPG – a Dream Come True
                “Race, Become an Elden Lord!

                The new fantasy action RPG Lands Between from Kalypso and Ironhide is revealed in its entirety and it looks like a pretty interesting title…”
                Source – NeoGAF

                It will allow for open world games and open world gameplay in the highest sense of the word. With multiple ways to explore the land, you’re free to go where you like and set your own adventure. With trials, communities, and dungeons, you can find new challenges and routes whenever you want.

                Playing as a man of all races and classes, you’ll be free to play as a peaceful farmer, a wandering thief, an indomitable knight, a power-hungry noble, or even a brutal witch!

                Lands Between is more than just an open world RPG. In a multilayered story told in fragments, an epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters are coming into contact in the Lands Between, it is a mythological tale that unfolds, yielding a rare, emotional journey from the player.


                Kalypso and Ironhide
                Religious Mythology: High Elves and Demons
                • Leading Company Developing “Hidden RPG Games”
                • Worlds Between Islands
                • An Epic-scale Entertainment Experience

                The Gatering Overwhelming Texture is something I do. I try to just sit down and read about the latest and greatest game sites


                Free Elden Ring For PC

                1. Unrar.
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                special thanks to all to Gnerk, Icicle, Takuya Izawa and the whole team of Elden Ring.

                I don’t think this is very characteristic of an Elden Ring game, It is more like an expansion made for an existing Elder Scrolls game by Bethesda. There are many pieces of elden ring that make the game that much better, but the core of the game is the same, a linear MMORPG that usually lacks personality and a deep storyline.

                well, it’s like part 1 of a 4 part story, but a pretty decent one. it’s good that game play is completely different from everything that has come before.
                it’s more open world than arena/fantasy, and lets players do things like fall off of cliffs and “slay” bugs without any penalty.
                the world and zones are pretty open (well, what there is of them) so there isn’t the danger of having to explore every little detail. you can wander a bit and if you choose to you can do missions and side quests.
                it’s pretty open, which may not be so appealing to some, but has been a welcome change.
                it’s pretty hard to master, but not too hard. it’s not so hard that you get frustrated with the game, but challenging enough that you can see what you’re doing wrong.
                the framerate is solid on my machine, and can load fast.
                while the game has a little hard-core to it, it’s not so hard that you die in the first 5 minutes of playing it. the starting area is quite nice and gives you a little time to meet and obtain equipment, but there is much more to explore. there are many other areas, of varying difficulty, and quests to pick up in other areas, that add to the longevity of the game.

                now that i think about it, this isn’t really an action RPG at all. it’s a sort of action MMORPG, though with RPG elements. you can play the game in several ways. there is a more story-based path, a dungeons-and-saves-your-life path (sort of like an arena path), and a bot path. botting lets you use really powerful and tactical commands to control your character without


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                System Requirements For Elden Ring:

                Supported CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5700 @ 2.00GHz or AMD Phenom(R) II X6 @ 2.2GHz or later
                Supported OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP1) or later
                Hard disk space: 300 MB free space on hard disk partition or the entire disk space required for the installation of the game is about 120 MB
                DirectX: 9.0c
                Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT / ATI Radeon HD 3470


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