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Rise as a Tarnished
An ongoing ARPG for the Android platform featuring isometric graphics.
Help a hero named Azoth save the world from the corruption of the Elden Ring.
As a hero in the dark fantasy setting of The Lands Between, Azoth is called upon by the orphaned little girl Sheri on a quest to take down the most powerful tyrant in the world. Together with a mysterious group of strangers, Azoth journey across the Land Between to explore, fight, and build an empire.

The lands between are neither realm nor world, but a place in-between. This place is filled with monsters and magic.

• Action RPG
With the features of RPG, you can play as a cool and smooth hero like Azoth or upgrade to the ultimate form as a Hero King.
• An Epic Drama
The story of this world, and what occurs within it, is a tale brimming with drama and intrigue.

Azoth: Adopted daughter of the old sage and new hero, Azoth is an orphan who searches for her mother. An orphan herself, she is very lonely.
Sheri: The elder sister of a young man named Ella, Sheri is a magically gifted girl who has been living on her own in The Lands Between since the age of 9, when her sister was sent to the Forest Grows. Sheri was left behind, and somehow the Forest Grows swallowed her along with Ella. She is a natural troublemaker who loves to fight.
Ella: The young man Sheri is searching for. Born in the Shadow Lands, he has lived under his father’s protection ever since his mother died.
Elminster: The Adventurer
Helga: The secret-keeper of The Tarnished
Erolle: A famous adventurer from the Ages of Empire, he is entrusted with the care of the Tarnished by the Spirit Tree.

– Aesthetics

With isometric graphics, the game is a unique blend of an ARPG and an RPG.
The new game features an original and expressive voice set.
●System Requirements

●CPU: 1GHz or higher Android 2.3 or higher
•RAM: 64MB or higher
•PLANAR GT: Android 2.3 or higher with Adreno GPU
•GPU: 600M or higher with OpenGL ES2 or higher
•FEATURES: Android 2


Features Key:

  • A vast open world to explore.
  • Unique Online Play that is as accessible as possible.
  • Class-type character development, which offers different ways to play.
  • Fight in intense battles, from card games to arena battles.
  • Complete special quests to obtain new abilities, armor, weapons, and collect Runes.
  • Over 80 items to acquire and 80,000 items to discover.
  • In-depth crafting, including potion and weapon subtypes.
  • A beautiful visual presentation, which blends together a classical fantasy setting with technological elements from the current generation.
  • A great ride, with seamless transitions from the fields into massive dungeons and huge enemies.

    Features for the main campaign :

    Arena : Fight against huge monsters in the main campaign; conquer the giant Eternal Great Tree, the home of a powerful monster, to play in the entertainment content

    Card Battles: Redeem your battle card skills and use them in card battle battles. The battle card game allows you to simply enjoy yourself while conserving time and reducing the number of battles you should complete.

    The Life of your Character: If you want to develop your character, you can purchase or find items, upgrade items, learn new skills, upgrade equipment, etc.

    Features for the crafting system:

    Weapons and Armor: Weapons and armor can be purchased at Amity Archers and Armor Merchants when you reach level 3. By purchasing items, you can customize your equipment.

    On-the-Fly Crafting: You can craft items on the spot. There are various manners of crafting, including crafting while moving, while gathering, while using Scrolls, and while moving with Scrolls. You can even trade equipment with other players.




    Elden Ring PC/Windows [Updated] 2022

    [What’s next? Continue reading this review if you haven’t read the next section yet.]

    The story of Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack is a multilayered story in which the various thoughts of the characters meet in the Lands Between. Now, the key to understanding this story is connecting the lies between them.

    The theme that connects the characters is the unfulfilled and unsated desire that the people feel in this world. The story takes a turn as the people as a whole in the district of Kinsey, a district where people are forced to live, a district cut off from the rest of the world, are moved around in her arms so that the railroad could be made more easily, and turn them into zombies to sacrifice themselves in order to save their country.

    In the midst of this tragedy, each and every person endures the tragedy and oppression of being turned into a zombie.

    Torchlight z o m b a t s

    In addition to the military members who want to reveal the circumstances, a group called “The Flame that Consumed Humanity” appears and we are given a false story of their existence that’s similar to zombies, and that they came from ancient times.

    In order to show the real truth, the group needs to destroy the zombie-like zombies and reveal the truth behind the existence of “The Flame that Consumed Humanity”.

    Eden Ring game

    As if in an epic drama, the various thoughts in the people in the district of Kinsey get tangled together and conflict with each other in order to reveal the truth.

    Only the Elden Ring game can make the people’s thoughts come to life and tell their story to the world, and give this story an epic, new twist.

    Your Altered Reality

    In this story, the places where the character is reborn are called Cities of the Lost.

    You join the group of wandering people because of your ability to suppress your anxiety and be reborn in different places.

    This world is comprised of the Lands Between, a world with different places that can only be discovered through your exploration.

    Depending on the locations that you reach, the changes in the world vary. When you explore, as you encounter new places, the story of the conflicts in the city of Kinsey will deepen.

    You have no choice to choose where you start out. The cities of the lost are determined in advance. Only the order of the cities that you pass through changes.


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    Base on Grimand’s ENOBLAST PROJECT
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    Episode 1: Apprentice


    Show your potential and become an apprentice!


    Battle Rules:

    ◆ Classes:

    Knight and Hero

    ◆ Strength


    ◆ Attack


    ◆ Magic

    ◆ Support

    ◆ Combo

    Light Swordsman and Heavy Swordsman

    ◆ Melee Attack

    ◆ Magic

    ◆ Support

    ◆ Combo

    ◆ Special Attack

    ◆ Special Support

    ◆ Special Combo

    By the way, Please contact our staff team if you find any inconsistent operation. Sorry for inconvenience.

    ◆ Characters:

    ♠ Apprentice/Master & Gym

    ♠ Hero/Knight & Boss

    ♠ (GM): Notification

    ◆ Appearance:

    ◆ Playstyle:

    ◆ Unique Features:

    △ License 1:

    [About: The License]


    1. Application and License

    1.1 Application

    ◆ Setting:

    >The applicable age is 15 years old and above. (The minimum age is 15 years.)

    >The applicable languages are Japanese and English.

    >The playable races are Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Goblin.

    >You cannot use your main character to do the rival job of the player you are connected with.

    1.2 License

    ◆ Conditions:

    1. Character Creation

    1.1 After the starting of the server, the server shall create a name for the character.

    1.2 After the character has been created, the server shall create a character name according to the character name.

    1.3 Character name and the name for the battle room must be consistent.

    1.4 If the character name and the name for the battle room are different, the server shall back out the creation of the main character of the client.

    2. Connecting with an assistant

    2.1 After the main character has been created, the server shall ask the player what assistant he/she wants to connect with.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Download Setup + Crack »»» DOWNLOAD

    Download Setup + Crack »»» DOWNLOAD

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