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Download Setup & Crack 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup & Crack 🆓 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



The fantasy action RPG that combines a new combat system and advanced graphics. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace.

The game, which has an original idea and has utilized the global popularity of fantasy, has to be experienced to be appreciated.


Fantastic battles are won and lost on the battlefield. Place yourself around the enemy to quickly hit them with high-powered attacks.


The combat system has an entirely new innovative setup to increase the excitement of battles.


We have made sure to protect the player from nervousness as players are not forced into a battle in which they may feel pressure.


Experience an immersive VRMMORPG that takes on the fantasy world of the Lands Between!


To share the thrill of battles with others, call out to others during battles!


New Fantasy Action RPG, officially released on February 22nd, 2017

For those who have not yet played it, please check out the announcement trailer.


This is a non-official guide for Tarnished, so be careful. And no, this is not a walkthrough.
I would like to introduce you to a great site for those who are unfamiliar with the English language as well as those who are used to a different language, and I have written this guide for you.
Anyway, this is the first time I’ve ever made a guide before, so if there is anything that may be wrong, please don’t be upset.
I have personally leveled up these skills, and, for various reasons, the skill costs were low.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me, and I will see if I can explain it or at least give you a direct answer.
If I have questions, I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

The choices we have are as follows:

Stance: Raises the defense of the whole body at once


Features Key:

  • Race—Choose a race from four (Gnome, Elf, Dragonborn, and Half-Elf) to customize your character.
  • Class—Choose from five classes (Sorcerer, Rogue, Warrior, Mystic, and Bard).
  • Progression—Increase your character’s stats after level up.
  • Equipment—Equip armor, weapons, armor accessories, and magic power for your character’s development.
  • Skill Revamp—Various skills have had their effects and effects have had their revamp.
  • New Dungeon—Explore the world of Tarnished now with a dungeon that will not be easy to adapt or clear.
  • DLC—Leverage the new game engine in the game, expand the current theme, and add new dungeons.
  • Rising Development Progress

    To our fans, we hope you enjoy the game.

    Without further delay, we will continue our pledge to faithfully serve you and will work even harder to create a better game. It is also our intention to once again provide new features and content for the game; our continued progress will surely sparkle as we work towards the best game Potato sugary-smooth which will set a new standard for the RPG game genre.

    Now with Full World PvP! This Game Includes the “High Speed Multiplayer Arena” Game Mode

    We are now pleased to announce the release of the open world PvP mode, “High Speed PvP Arena,” which provides a new online mode that can compete with the Offline Mode. In addition, this game mode is added as an official mode thanks to the player participation of this game. There are many places in the game where players can gather to fight against other players.

    If you have any concerns regarding the Global Leader Board, please feel free to contact us via official channels, and you will get an exact plan and system of the Global Leader Board.

    Link: >

    Note: The number of player who activated the Global Leader Board and tries using it will be counted as the system population,


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    Elden Ring Crack Patch With Serial Key For Windows

    This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site.
    Earn and use Elden Points (EP) to purchase items such as weapons, costumes, boosts, and other items.
    One-time in-app purchase of Weapon Set or Costume Set will allow you to use them in all areas or to use Boost items.
    Eden Points are accumulated with game play.
    By earning Eden Points, you can purchase items with real money within the app.
    By using items purchased using real money, you can increase your game progress and obtain stronger weapons or better costumes.
    Some items such as Boost items cannot be bought with in-app purchases.
    By purchasing Boost items, you can purchase items with a larger amount of Eden Points. You can also use the Boost items for a longer period of time, or make your in-game progress faster.
    Eden Points can be purchased in the App Store.
    Elden Points will be deducted once every day after purchase. You can also purchase more Eden Points to delay its deduction.
    Any unused points, even after the deduction of time, will not be refunded.
    Elden Points will not be refunded even after one month of purchase.


    The new fantasy action RPG will put forth a stronger appeal than ever before!
    The war for Elden Ring has begun.
    The war for power in the Lands Between has begun!
    Prove yourself as the strongest hero, fight for glory, and rise!
    Earn and use items that will advance your abilities, such as weapons and magic!
    Prove yourself as the strongest hero, fight for glory, and rise!
    Prove yourself as the strongest hero, fight for glory, and rise!
    Elden Ring Game-specific features

    Daily Missions

    Eden Points – Rewards can be earned by doing missions that are connected to the game.

    Drops – Results can be obtained by completing missions.

    Boost items – Boost items can be purchased with Eden Points to increase the effectiveness.

    Item bonds – Bonds between items can be created with other items.

    Challenge quests – Discover the tale of the world of Elden Ring.

    Boosts – Boosts are items that are activated by performing certain actions.

    Weapon Sets – Weapon Sets are items that can be used to temporarily boost the attributes of the weapon.



    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■Main Features
    • A wonderfully vast and detailed world
    A vast and detailed world with main towns, iconic dungeons, various kinds of world maps, and a wide variety of places to travel that allow you to enjoy the story and get lost without the feeling of being lost. You can freely travel around the world at your own pace.
    ■ Bring Your Characters to Life
    Immerse yourself in a vividly orchestrated story described by myths, fought out between various characters in the chaotic Lands Between. Each character has their own storyline, and the action is set in places where you can meet other characters. Each narrative is written by a different author, and every character is voiced by a different voice actor. You can find an entertaining and detailed world filled with emotions.

    Of Land and Sky
    A total of 30 characters, including main characters and NPCs, have been newly designed. As the protagonist (clever leader of a group) of the adventure story, the character you create will not only be unique but also need to be charming. You will get to know the atmosphere of battles carried out by the protagonist and fight against dangerous monsters or traps in the repetitive and spectacularly designed main towns. Battle changes depending on the character’s presence, while the clear story and remarkably portrayed fantasy world that is filled with emotion will bring you back to the time of myths.

    ◎Ages 5 ~ 12
    Ages 5 to 12, free of charge, with a lot of beautiful animations, great voice acting, and various events that will transport you to the thrilling world of the adventure MMO RPG.

    The game will be released in English, German, and French. Content languages will change depending on the localization method.

    New adventurers, the move to ActionRPGs…
    As a Goddess of Destruction, I have a sense of justice, and using the vast world in the Lands Between, I wish to bring justice on powerful forces and be looked on by adventurers, as I fill the void left by the Gods.

    Sufferance Movie Staff

    The players will be put through this amazing action packed world filled with countless events, emotional stories and incidents in the game whose battle motifs are


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  • Verdict:

    Elden Ring is basically an innovative action RPG in which you can become a hero in a world that looks so realistic. The sound effects and graphics are impressive and its gameplay is incredibly addicting. This game is surely a must-have for any action RPG and fantasy lover.

    However, this game has some problems with loading time that reduced my overall satisfaction a bit. However, in comparison to other games this year, this game is still very impressive. Its gameplay and graphics are both first-class.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 or higher
    32-bit and 64-bit OSs are supported
    512 MB RAM
    Additional Requirements:
    IDT Audio driver for Windows 7 or higher
    Intel High Definition Audio driver for Windows 7 or higher
    Optional: USB driver for the latest version of your USB flash drive
    For additional information about IDT Audio driver installation and USB driver, refer to their website:
    Compatible Operating Systems:
    Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista