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Publii is a static HTML site generator based on Hugo 0.21.4 and the Liquid template engine. Content management tools are streamlined, creating your site can be as easy as pie, and HTML is used to transform your snippets into dynamic websites, blogs, or anything else.Publii turns plain content into content management. It delivers the tools needed to make a site look beautiful and update it on the fly. Websites coded in liquid can be reached on any device, and this powerful HTML-based website generator supports open source themes and plugins.Publii is currently the simplest static HTML generator on the market. It is also the fastest. The team behind it has made its design approachable, supporting beginners as well as experts.Publii is free to use and completely open source under GPL v3.Publii is funded by crowdfunding on IndieGoGo. To contribute or support the development of the project, visit IndieGoGo’s Publii page.
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Published : Feb 3, 2020
Publisher : Publii
Publii Features:
+ Supports Theme & Plugins
+ Create Unlimited Websites
+ Create Multiple Website Version
+ Supports Video and Images
+ CSS Compression
+ Open Source
+ No Server Installed
+ Easy to Learn
+ Super-Simple to Use
+ Demo Website & Tutorial
+ Support
+ Fully Customizable
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What if there was a website builder that was as simple as Word or Pages and which allowed you to build any kind of website, personal or business, while still retaining all the features and abilities of a professional website designer? Publii Cracked Accounts is that website builder! It is a fully featured, free web design software, that is easy to use and enables you to build your own beautiful website in just minutes. Publii website builder is a great option for those who want to create a free website in a jiffy or those who only need a basic site and don’t want to spend a lot of money to build a fully functional website. With Publii you can easily create: a blog, a website, or even a whole e-commerce site. Publii website builder is a compact and easy to use tool to quickly and intuitively create a professional website. Publii Website Builder is a simple, easy to use website maker and blog creator which allows you to design websites that look good on any device, that work really well with all major social media sites, and that enable all your users to customize your website however they please. Publii Website Builder includes: An intuitive and easy to use drag and drop interface. If you’re new to website creation you’re in luck because Publii Website Builder is incredibly easy to use. Publii Website Builder is a complete web solution which includes a full featured website builder, blog, content management system, a CMS and email system all in one package. Publii Website Builder lets you build and maintain a full website, including all the pages, images, video and more. Publii Website Builder can be used for personal or professional use. Publii Website Builder is completely free to use. Publii Website Builder is a browser or application driven website builder so there are no limits or limitations to how many sites you can build. Publii Website Builder is an easy way to create a free website with a blog from scratch. Publii Website Builder allows you to build a website, a blog, a full shopping cart with all the features you’d need, or an attractive template from scratch and customize it to your liking. Publii Website Builder makes it easy to build a professional looking website and even a blog for free. Publii Website Builder is designed to be the simplest website builder on the planet. Publii Website Builder is simple and intuitive to use. You can build a website for free in under 3

Publii 11.0 Free For Windows

Publii is a free online service that allows you to create attractive, simple and SEO-friendly static HTML websites and blogs in a single click. Publii is easy to use and will even help you through the creation and publishing of your own website.
Publii is not only about creating websites, it is also a content management platform that uses open source technology to assist you in posting new content and managing your website.
Publii Key features:
– Create a free website: Publii lets you create a static website. You can use the Publii editor to create a website in seconds. Publii includes everything you need to create a professional website: a blog, a blog index, RSS feeds, a simple CMS and much more. And if you want you can publish your content in more than 60 languages: 36 Chinese, 12 English, 6 French, 4 German, 4 Indonesian, 4 Japanese, 4 Portuguese, 4 Russian, 2 Thai, 2 Turkish and 1 Arabic.
– Browse any Website: Publii also allows you to browse any other website. This means that you can use Publii to check the newest tweets and the coolest products available on the internet. Also check other blogs.
– Add images and videos: Publii makes it really easy to add images, videos and audio content to your webpages.
– Create responsive websites: Publii websites are designed to work on the web regardless of the device (tablet, mobile phone, PC, etc.) they are being viewed on.
– Automatically links to your social media: Publii creates a link to all your social media profiles and automatically updates them each time you make a change on your website.
– SEO friendliness: Publii has integrated a few SEO tools to make sure that your website is as easy as possible to find in search engine results.
– Generates xml sitemaps: Publii can create a sitemap for all your pages.
– Compress images and files: Publii can compress images and files (max. 1.50 MB/image) to a very small size for speed and security.
– WYSIWYG editor: Publii has a truly WYSIWYG editor. All you need to do is type and you’re done. You can even edit text in a few different color schemes.
– Publish and manage content: Publii makes it really easy to create, edit

What’s New In?

Publii is the best of its genre, because it does more than designing websites in a typical way: It not only creates great sites with stunning graphics, but also puts SEO-optimization at the forefront of its features.
Publii does all this and more! Publii offers a number of great tools and visual effects that make it the perfect all-in-one choice for building a website. Publii offers a variety of features that are unique, such as:
• Advanced HTML Editor
• Paragraph Alignment
• CSS Inline Styles Editor
• Web Fonts Editor
• image manipulator
• Web page search-engine for SEO
• Add unlimited pages, posts, categories, links and so much more!
Publii has a clean interface, and it’s very easy to use. Publii is a great choice for anyone who needs to create an amazing website that is search engine optimized and stands out from the crowd.
Publii Description:
The Swiss Brevet is a diverse tool that can play several functions depending on how you use it. Basically, it allows you to combine text content with a variety of layouts.
Easy to use: Create your own layout in few steps and publish on your blog. Several templates are available.
Graphical editor with powerful tools: The editor includes tools like images, blocks, headings, lists, paragraphs, tables, galleries, links, and much more. It includes different templates to help you create unique layouts.
Publii allows you to easily edit and customize your site. Select the pages you want to include in your site and make them active. Publii is an interesting tool that can make your content more exciting.
Create a website: Publii makes it easy to build a web page. You can select from several different categories to design a complete site for your business or personal purposes. Publii includes everything you need to start creating a website or blog.
SEO: The Swiss Brevet meets the standards of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by getting rid of the white space around the text and styling the content in order to be more readable. Publii is a useful tool that makes it easy to start creating a website or blog.
Publii Description:
Publii is a program that is ideal for web site creators. It has a clean and user-friendly interface. Publii sports multiple editing tools, along with a handy statistics and a link-

System Requirements:

* Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit.
* 3 GB RAM, 500 MB available disk space, DirectX 9.0 or later
* Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher
* Internet connection is required for software activation.
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