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Published: June 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

PcapJoiner is a handy application that enables you to merge libpcap/wireshark files into a single pcap file. The capture files should be of the same type (libpcap or nanosecond libpcap)

PcapJoiner enables two methods for joining captures files:
· Chronologically – In this method the application joins the packets in the capture files based on the time the packets were captured.
· Append – In this method the applications joins the packets according to the file order in the list.







PcapJoiner Crack+ [Mac/Win]

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· Supports merging packets with or without timestamp,
· Uses libpcap/wireshark API to merge the captured file into the output file.
· Supports libpcap file type (pcap-like or nanosecond).
· Supports NanoPcap file type (pcap-like).
· Supports wireshark file type (cap file).
· Supports timestamps merge for pcap type captures.
· Supports timestamps merge for nanosecond type captures.
· Supports file names to preserve in output file.
· Supports nanoPcap to pcap converter.
· Supports pcap to pcap converter.
· Supports pcap to timestamp converter.
· Supports timestamp converter.
· Supports file extension rename to preserve the name of the file.
· Support DTS/DTSN.
· Supports user selection to merge.
· Supports higher compression rate with pcap type captures and NanoPcap data.
· Supports scoping at file level.
· Supports packet filtering at file level.
· Supports header printing at file level.
· Supports multiple captures at file level.
· Supports debug mode.
· Supports logging mode.
· Supports output pcap format (different than input format).
· Supports multiple output pcap formats.
· Supports Wireshark filtering.
· Supports host based filtering.
· Supports file based filtering.
· Supports packet based filtering.
· Supports MAC based filtering.
· Supports IP based filtering.
· Supports host based IP based filtering.
· Supports application based filtering.
· Supports interface based filtering.
· Supports union based filtering.
· Supports wildcard based filtering.
· Supports custom time sync.
· Supports NanoPcap timestamps.
· Supports wMaxDs in NanoPcap reads.
· Supports wMaxDs in pcap reads.
· Supports DSS/DTS in pcap reads.
· Supports DSS/DTS in NanoPcap reads.
· Supports statistics and traceroute in NanoPcap reads.
· Supports NanoPcap statistics and traceroute in captures.
· Supports NanoPcap statistics and traceroute in pcap captures.
· Supports TCP SYN based filtering.
· Supports TCP SYN based filtering.
· Supports TCP ACK based filtering.
· Supports UDP/TCP/UDP based filtering.
· Supports IP based filtering.
· Supports

PcapJoiner [Win/Mac]

PcapJoiner is a handy application that enables you to merge pcap files into a single pcap file. Usually pcap files capture traffic from different networks, computers and different tcp/ip protocols. PcapJoiner will merge these files in a single pcap file.
PcapJoiner is especially useful when the capture files are bigger than 1G and in order to analysis them. It is sometimes not possible to use a single capture file in wireshark due to the size and disk space issue.
If we want to work with these files in wireshark we can first extract the packets and then convert them to a single.cap file. This solution is long term and not very effective.
PcapJoiner can make the conversion of the files in a single process. Once the files are merged you can import them in wireshark and see the traffic.
PcapJoiner Features:
· Merge pcap files into a single.cap file.
· Merges files in the same order as the files are listed in the list.
· Merge in chronologically order.
· Merges packets of same length and order.
· Includes all comments, no modification of the original files.
· Texted output.
· Multithreaded.
· No more than one.cap file outputted.
· No more than one.cap file on disk.
· No file overwriting.
· Supports standard.pcap files from both libpcap and nanosecond libpcap.
· Suports concurrent capture.
· Packets are not deleted during the merge process.
· No restart of the capture is required.
· The output file is saved in pcap or nanosecond format depending on the order of the original files
· The output file name is user-friendly.
· The output file can be converted with “libpcap” command line utilities.
· No report shown after the capture process, as the single file in a single.cap format was created.
· Advanced Editing Control (AEC).
· Filtering to enable and disable the applications.
· Texted Output.
· Support for multiple file (list) import in one capture.
· Suports chronologically or append file ordering in the list.
· Suports files with comments.
· Supports format conversion from two pcap files to an ascii file (pcap -> ascii).
· Support windows and

What’s New In?

The capture file in this project is based on the Wireshark format and consists of the following fields:
· 2 byte flag (00 00)
· Capture length (e.g. 60000)
· Sequence number of the capture (e.g. 1000)
· Source MAC address of the capture (e.g. 00:00:00:03:00:00)
· Packet header (Packet Header field)
· Payload (Payload field)
PcapJoiner can be used on four machines:
· Windows XP and Windows Vista
· Linux (e.g. RedHat)
· Mac OSX
· Windows 2000
PcapJoiner use Visual C++ 2005 compiler. The version is 5.0
The image above shows an example from a file generated by Wireshark in the last capture file.
How to Use PcapJoiner?
1. In Wireshark List Window right-click on one of the captured files, go to File > Add to File list.
2. In the File list window click File > Concatenate Files and click on the yellow button.
3. After the files have been joined press OK.
4. After the operation is finished, in File > List Window right-click on the new capture file and select Show In Wireshark’s List Window.



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