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Published: July 13, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Mo'adim is a reliable educational tool, dedicated to helping you learn the Hebrew names of the weekdays and months. Additionally, it can display the weekly Torah, indicate holidays on the calendar and allows you to view the daily Aliyah. The software presents itself as a calendar with the name of the days in both English and Hebrew.
View calendar and learn Hebrew
In the Hebrew culture, the counting of the weekdays is based on the Shabbat, which is the resting day and the seventh day of the week. The Shabbat corresponds with the modern Saturday, which is why the display of the week ends with the resting day and starts with the Sunday. Additionally, the name of the current month is displayed at the top of the calendar in both Hebrew and English.
Hovering over each day in the calendar prompts an explanatory window that indicates details about the daylight, according to the geographical zone you are in. Moreover, it includes indications about the daily prayers, the time they need to be made, as well as the Shabbat candles.
Monthly Torah, passages, haftarah portions
Mo'adim features several views, including monthly calendar, year display and the daily prayer details. Simply switch to the daily view and the software can display the prayer times, the proportional hour, Torah excerpts and a countdown to the major holidays. For instance, on September 19th 2014, Rosh Hashanah is 6 days away, while Yom Kippur is scheduled for 15 days later.
You can easily view the standard calendar in a separate window, change the colors of the holiday markers or change your position on the globe. Due to the hour settings all over the world, the software can calculate the time correspondence, depending on where you live.
Simple to use Hebrew calendar
Mo'adim is displayed in both Hebrew and English, while the Torah and Aliyah excerpts are completely translated into the English language. Thus the application is a suitable educational tool for those who wish to become familiar with the Hebrew culture, week structure and holiday planning.







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