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by tractorgyan
Published: September 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Mahindra introduces the All New Mahindra 415 DI ​​which is packed with advanced features and extreme durability. Mahindra brings many single models to the market. One of them is the 415 DI  ​​Mahindra Tractor which is reliable, tough and proven to be an excellent vehicle. The Mahindra 415 tractor copes with all the tough tasks in the field with great results. As we all know, the brand name alone can sell Mahindra models quickly. But in this case we have to realize it The best and best tractor in the 40hp range is the Mahindra 415 DI. The 4-cylinder 2730cc tractor 40 hp engine rotates at 1900 rpm nominally. To perform various agricultural applications such as planting, sowing, fertilizing, sowing, weeding, etc., tractor models are equipped with advanced and modern functions. HP Mahindra 415 DI​​​​ PTO is 36.Specifications Mahindra 415DI. The price of the Mahindra 415 DI ​​ranges from 5.30 to 5.90 rupees. Mahindra 415 AT​​​Features and Specifications: Mahindra 415 DI ​​is a popular choice for farmers because it is equipped with modern features and a powerful engine with a total power of 40 hp. This engine is mated to a 10-speed gearbox with 2 reverse and 8 forward gears to achieve this level of performance. This gear ratio aids heavy duty and maximum productivity in the field. The Mahindra 415 DI ​​also has a payload capacity of 1500 KG. 2 rear wheels two wheel drive system Mahindra 415 DI ​​tractor provides propulsion. This tractor multi-disc oil brake is designed for increased comfort and controllability. It keeps the tractor in good condition and is the best choice for farmers and other users because of its great features, high quality and affordable price. Everyone is attracted and liked by tractors. The company always offers tractors with the best selection, quality and price available, making them ideal and easy to fit into any budget. These Mahindra tractors in India are powered by efficient engines that are reliable and consistent in usage and application. Mahindra 415 DI ​​all-wheel drive tractor allows you to complete all tasks with ease. Rs 5.30 lakh to Rs 5.90 lakh is the price of Mahindra 415 DI.