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Existence of isomorphism between two complex numbers

Let $z_1,z_2inmathbb{C}$ be two complex numbers that satisfy $|z_1|=|z_2|=1$. Prove that there is a isomorphism of $mathbb{C}$ to itself that maps $z_1$ to $z_2$ and vice versa.

For the proof I tried to denote $$f(z)=z+az^3$$ where $a=bar{z_1}=overline{bar{z_2}}$. Hence I tried to prove by contradiction that $f$ is a surjective map of $mathbb{C}$ to itself such that $f(z_1)=z_2$:
$z_1mapsto z_2Rightarrow f(z_1)=z_2$ and $f(z_1)
e z_2$ since $z_1
Hence there is a unique element $z_0$ such that $f(z_0)=z_1$. But how can I continue from here?


If $z_1$ and $z_2$ are complex conjugates of each other, then $|z_1|=1$ implies that $z_1=bar z_1$ and thus $f(z_1)=z_2$. Now the opposite direction is also true, so you have a bijective map from $z_1$ to $z_2$ and vice versa.

Jill Ireland

Jill Ireland (born June 16, 1964) is a long-distance runner from Canada.


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