Gir National Park – The Last home of the Asiatic Lion.

by MAry Rowling
Published: May 30, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

The Gir National Park is the last home of the Asiatic Lion. It is home to the Asiatic lions previously sorted as Panthera Leo Persica and presently having the logical name Panthera Leo. It is an endangered species. Lions in their free climate must be found in the Gir National Park in India or in the wildernesses of Africa. In Asia, unreasonable hunting and living space misfortune throughout the years has guaranteed that now the lions are confined to the small locale of the Gir National Park. According to the last lion enumeration that was done in 2015, there are 523 lions in the Gir National Park, which was a significant increment over the past evaluation. A Lion enumeration is done like clockwork and consequently the following evaluation is expected in the year 2020.


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