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Published: June 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

FatBatt helps users be informed about how much time they can truly work while their laptop runs on battery power. This way, they will no longer be interrupted mid-project because they need to find a power source and charge the battery.
Due to FatBatt, one can also receive notifications regarding the applications that eat up the most battery power (so as to allow them to close them if they are not very important).
One can also rely on the application to find out how much battery time they can save if they dim their screen.







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FatBatt is a lightweight, portable and cloud service that gives one a full display of his laptop battery status, he can receive notifications when the laptop battery needs to be charged, or he can also have his screen dimmed in order to save power.
IMPORTANT – this service is free. The paid FatBatt Pro version includes automatic battery drain notifications and dimming.

FatBatt Pro Description
FatBatt Pro is a highly advanced application designed to increase productivity and battery drain using an innovative cloud technology. In addition to all the features available in FatBatt, FatBatt Pro brings the following capabilities:
– ability to change the brightness of the display
– notifications of how much battery time is left
– reminders to charge the battery
– remote backup (remotely backup and recovery)

FatBatt is a free application that will show in your system tray an icon that will display the battery status of your computer. These days, as computers are no longer working alone, the fat battery needs to charge no longer by itself but by a power socket. However, there are some batteries which do not have a memory effect, and therefore will not charge for longer than a few seconds at a time. These batteries, however, can be used, their function of power is not limited by the capacity of the battery, but by the component of the computer. FatBatt will alert you when the battery is at 100%, when you can not work without a power socket, and the application will inform you, among other things, on how long you can work on battery, and in what amount of time you would have to charge the battery to resume operating as usual.
FatBatt can also be configured to notify the user about how much time he will have to charge the battery for him to not have to have to find a charging power source. FatBatt will also display the application or browser that consumes the most power. This feature is especially useful for web browsers that run in background, not to mention that FatBatt can send an automatic notification of low battery.
An application we can not run without the battery so we can run in the background, and FatBatt can not work without the battery.
In order to charge the battery without leaving the computer, FatBatt uses the cloud. FatBatt as a service uses a network connection to enable this, and therefore it can work in Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms.
FatBatt is equipped to have the

FatBatt Download For PC

FatBatt currently works on macOS versions 10.10 (Mavericks) and newer.
FatBatt currently supports Windows 8 (Mountain Lion) and newer.
FatBatt currently supports iOS versions 6.0 (iPhone) and newer.
You can get FatBatt for free via software developer’s ‘App Store’.

FatBatt FAQ

How is FatBatt different from the old Battery icon?
FatBatt can inform users of battery level for the currently running Mac application or the currently running Windows application.

How can I use FatBatt to charge or power up my Mac book?
FatBatt can inform you of how much time the running Mac battery can be used, assuming that you’ve disabled the app according to:
“Do not disturb” and/or “Do not turn on the screensaver when the lid is closed

How can I use FatBatt to charge or power up my windows phone?
FatBatt can inform you of how much time the running windows battery can be used, assuming that you’ve disabled the app according to:
“Do not disturb” and/or “Do not turn on the screensaver when the lid is closed

Is there a way to get FatBatt on my ipad or android tablet?
Yes, there is, but right now I can’t tell you how to go about it, as there is no way to get the application on the android or IOS store.

How do you decide what info to put in the log?
I just try to give the most accurate information I can.

Thank you for trying FatBatt!

You should get FatBatt if you are not doing so already.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is FatBatt and how does it work?
FatBatt gives the user an visual indication of how much battery power a Mac or Windows laptop has. It works for all laptops, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro and Windows laptops (varies by model and manufacture). It also works on Mac OS X 10.10 and later and Windows 8 and newer. FatBatt has been described as “Apple Dashboard for Battery Power”. You can use FatBatt to power up your Mac or to charge your laptop’s battery while it is still running. FatBatt works with all pre-installed apps


FatBatt is a handy application that informs users about how much time they can actually work while their laptop or mobile is charging. The application has a helpful and easy-to-use interface. Users can also directly access the app through the Android settings menu. This way, they can receive notifications about applications that are currently draining the battery, or even close them if they are not very important.
The application also provides information about the battery state and lets users know how much battery time they can save if they use the dark theme of the Android operating system.
FatBatt Features:
FatBatt not only tells users how long they can work with an empty battery but also indicates applications that are draining the battery the most. Also, it helps users find out how much battery time they can save if they dim their screen.
Users can also get notifications about applications that are draining the battery, or close them if they are not very important.
The app can also inform users about the battery state and how much battery time they can save if they use the dark theme of the operating system.
This tool is compatible with most Android smart devices.

With my old HTC Desire S, I used to manually download and install stock ROMs. I did it one by one in order to get the latest updates.
Then, I had an iPhone 4s. So, I kept my iPhone just for calling on the phone. It was great. Then, I got the Nexus 4. I didn’t manage to hide it because the iPhone called me all the time.
Now, I have a Galaxy S2. It has quite nice features. But the problem is that I do not want to keep it for the phone calls. I want to download and install ROMs in order to have newer features (like Gingerbread).
Before buying the S2, I already installed a custom ROM. But I do not want it anymore. I do not have time for ROMs because I have to work so much.

Then, I found out about FatBatt. I installed it manually. But the problem is that it does not seem to work very well. It simply doesn’t notify me that the battery is running low. So, I do not know when I should get my charger or if it is already charged.

When I check my battery status, it shows that the battery is fully charged. But I do not know when it will discharge. So, the purpose of the app is defeated.

What’s New in the FatBatt?

FatBatt is a real time indication of how much battery time you still have left. This way, it helps you know how much time you have and if it is ok to do something or go out.
For example, if you have 20 minutes of battery left and you are going to charge it, the FatBat app will tell you that you will save about 20 minutes (in other words, it will allow you to break your project and charge the battery for a few minutes). If you are going to be out for an hour, it will tell you that you will save up to 50 minutes.
FatBatt also helps you to get notification on your applications that are running the most, so that you can close them if they are not that important. You can also turn off or set dim your screen, which gives you even more time to be free.
It is free, simple to use and doesn’t need an internet connection


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System Requirements For FatBatt:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (64 bit only)
CPU: 800MHz
Memory: 512MB
HDD: 3GB (total)
Graphics: OpenGL compatible, PowerVR SGX 535 (or equivalent)
Other: D2D supported, enable Intel® Clear Video Technology
Memory: 1GB