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Elden Ring Game (DeNA) is an RPG where you are an adventurer living in the Lands Between, and the primeval spiritual power of the dark world, the Elden Ring, determines the fate of this world.
• Rede : A young woman and the protagonist of the story who lives in the Lands Between. She meets with a gate in the forest, and an adventure begins.
• Lenna: An elf that Rede meets in the forest. She is also an adventurer. She is the first character you encounter.
• Kariel : Lenna’s elder brother. A sword mage, a longtime adventurer, and the commander of the Knights of the Great Tree.
• Yuria, the Silver Sylph : The aura that the people of the Lands Between have is called “Kuro”. Yuria is the leader of the Kuros. She leads her knights, who combine into “the Warrior of the Kuro”.
• Shima, the Dark Sylph : A young noble who lacks the Elden Ring’s aura. She’s a loner and a strong fighter. She received the Elden Ring.
• Ken of the Lesser Kiriwa Clan : A descendant of the Kariels and the former general of the Kariels. He is an elegant and youthful gentleman.
• Hoshi of the Lesser Kiriwa Clan : The elderly brother of Ken, whom he calls “Uncle.”
• Kancolle, the Queen of the Kuros : A figure of authority that is always fair and walks beside the Warriors of the Kuro. She is Yuria’s companion.
• Ali of the Wild Tree Clan : A legendary warrior that meets you at the beginning of the game. His grand guardian, the “Light Wing”, can come to your aid.
• The Warriors of the Kuro : A group of powerful people that appear to you when the Warriors of the Kuro play a special role in the story.
• The Warriors of the Sun : A group of adventurers that appears to you when you act as the Warriors of the Sun.
• Crafting in Elden Ring Game has a “reciprocity” element to it. You can craft the materials that you need by using and collecting materials, and you can obtain materials through battle and quest.
• Crafting has two types: Skill Crafting and Support Crafting.


Features Key:

  • An Epic Story Into Which Almost All Your Loyalties Will Mingle
    A multilayered story that intertwines the thoughts of many characters.

  • A Many Faces
    Chose the face you like from the race of dwarves, elves, and humans, or those of the dragons and the skeletons.

  • An Epic World Connected to Other Worlds
    A world that seamlessly connects open fields, castles, and deep dungeons.

  • Unique Online Play, That Combines Single- and Multiplayer Functionality
    Possess a custom avatar using the graphics from the game.

  • A Game Where Your Allies Are Important to you and Everyone Can Live Together
    Friends can enjoy the game together, talk and receive quest help, even in areas where it is impossible to enter alone.
  • How to Play the Game


    Chronological Chart

    • Want to hone your skills while enjoying the story?
    • A game featuring complex main quests and many optional objectives?

    *Basic features

    • Branching Story
    • Epic Story
    • Co-op play
    • Multiplayer play

    *Game Examples

    • As your character, navigate the game, and explore.
    • One of the main story characters will be your light/side. All your choices will affect the story.
    • Survive using your own wits and power.


    • Holosphere

    About the Dev Team

    Notable Members

    • Rob Baglow (Rob)
    • Jubei Akamatsu (Juba)
    • Jun’ichi *Tanabe (Gunvolt)
    • Tsuneo (NuE Kiara)


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      The land is slowly being taken over by shadow monsters, and it seems that no one can stop the coming darkness. Only the men and women of the order of the Elden Ring, a religious order with a reputation for massacring all those that oppose them, have the power to protect the light. There is only one woman in this order, with the blood of enemies soaked into her body. Her name is Zalia and she is a woman who can see and wield the power of darkness.
      Become a Tarnished Knight and follow Zalia through a vast world full of excitement and challenges. Fight against darkness and become a new hero to face the threat from the darkness!
      – An action RPG that utilizes a unique battle system that combines a powerful A.I with unique gameplay that involve a genuine strategic element.
      – A huge world full of dungeons and an exciting story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
      – Both seamless online battles and offline single-player game modes!
      – Meet and battle other characters, including familiar characters and new ones in the story!
      – Beautifully designed graphics in an immersive fantasy setting where monsters, animals, and even heroes coexist!
      – An original story that relies on gaming elements.

      Reach out to your friends in any way you want! You can create an avatar of yourself, join as a friend, or add to your friend list. No need to ever worry about your precious items being lost or stolen. If you lose your item, you can always go online to buy it back.

      The Lands Between
      The vast world in The Lands Between is full of excitement. It has a huge variety of different locations, and interesting characters to meet. There are many challenges to overcome and dangers to avoid, but players can also enjoy the scenery of the Lands Between and explore its world. No need to worry about boring and monotonous processes with this game!

      Field: it’s the place where you fight.
      In the Field, players can increase or decrease their stats, as well as equip their stats with weapons and armor


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      I. Characters
      II. Game Features
      1. Character system
      2. Equipment
      3. The Story of the Lands Between
      1. Characters
      II. Game Features
      1. Character system
      – Character has the characteristics of an individual in a physical appearance and a history.
      – The player customization system makes the player choose from a variety of possibilities to develop a character, and provides a multitude of game play experience.
      2. Equipment
      1) Armor
      – The stats of the armor are acquired for the player to advance.
      – Stats acquired by equipping additional armor can be displayed on the upper screen.
      – Unique effects can be acquired by equipping additional armor.
      – Stats can be acquired by equipping additional armor while playing the RPG mode.
      – If a player has not acquired any bonuses by equipping items, equipping certain items will also acquire bonuses.
      2) Weapons
      – Can be set in the right, left, and middle position.
      – Can be set with various effects.
      – Can be set in addition to weapons.
      – Can be set while playing the RPG mode.
      3) Magic
      – Can be set by the player in either the right or left position.
      – Can be set in addition to armor.
      – Can be set while playing the RPG mode.
      – Can be set with various effects.
      – Can be set in addition to magic.
      – Can be set in addition to a weapon.
      4) Skills
      – Can be set by the player in either the right or left position.
      – Can be set in addition to armor and weapons.
      – Can be set while playing the RPG mode.
      – Can be set with various effects.
      5) The Time World
      – The “Rithm” system
      – Arrange the setting of the play field to the right, left, and the center position to form your own play field.
      – Arrange the settings to both sides by dropping the right and left positions.
      – Increase the number of opponents to form the play field.
      – Set the time to the right, left, and center positions and increase the number of opponents to fight with.
      – Select a mode to add additional opponents.
      – Set the battle type.
      – The story changes depending on the battle mode.
      – Set the attack moves of an enemy.
      – Set the victory conditions of the battle.
      7) New Map
      – Game Characters:
      ○ Character


      What’s new:

      Development History

      THE ELDEN RING is a fantasy action RPG with unparalleled gameplay, where an expanded world, an original story, and a strategy designed to bring players back play after play. It is a sequel to YORNO that was released in 2007 with a range of new additions as well as in-depth play. It combines the strategy of role playing games and the actions of action RPGs, and puts the high sense of satisfaction of cooperative play that is characteristic of online games into a fantasy world.

      In April, 2008, the first installment of YORNO was introduced. The surprise RPG that was born during this period was the inaugural game of a new genre, the strategy RPG. THE ELDEN RING was born based on this game’s momentum.

      In the near future, the virtual environment will start displaying signs of dark powers on a global scale. The realization of the governments’ hidden agenda for the order of things in the ongoing “great awakening of energy” that started in the Western world and is infiltrating the rest of the world, including Japan, caused a change in social and political order. People on this same track were tracked down by world governments and demanded that they take up arms to overthrow the oppressive and manipulative power structure, and that makes them soldiers. YORNO is a game where you take on the role of a young man preparing to a long ride that will begin at this moment in time.

      Elements of the Game

      Fantasy Revolution Online

      The game is set in a branching fantasy world. As mentioned above, the physical environment has been transformed by the “big awakening” toward dark energy. We’ve added the following elements to the existing elements of YORNO:

      1. A new open world with a wide range of field, town, and dungeon. </b


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      The following files are required to transfer ELDEN RING game to your computer:

      1. Install ELDEN RING game to a memory card.

      2. Copy “Character Designer.exe”, “Character Editor.exe”, and “GameDVR.exe” from the ELDEN RING game installation folder into the CD of your PlayStation®3 console.

      3. In the PlayStation®3 system, download “Config. Data” from the ELDEN RING game installation folder.

      4. Connect the memory card installed with ELDEN RING game to your computer.

      5. If you have not copied “Character Designer.exe”, “Character Editor.exe”, and “GameDVR.exe” to your computer, copy them from the “PlayStation®3 system” of the DVD to the CD of your computer.

      6. In the CD of your computer, enter the “PlayStation®3 system” and copy “Config. Data” to the “PlayStation®3 system”.

      7. Transfer the ELDEN RING game from your memory card to your computer.

      8. Put your memory card in your PlayStation®3 system.

      If the transfer of ELDEN RING game is completed successfully, you can play ELDEN RING game.

      Install and play ELDEN RING game on PC

      1. Install ELDEN RING game to your memory card.

      2. Copy “Character Designer.exe”, “Character Editor.exe”, and “GameDVR.exe” from the ELDEN RING game installation folder into the CD of your computer.

      3. In the CD of your computer, insert your memory card.

      4. If you have not copied “Character Designer.exe”, “Character Editor.exe”, and “GameDVR.exe” to your computer, copy them from the “PlayStation®3 system” of the DVD to the CD of your computer.

      5. In the CD of your computer, enter the “PlayStation®3 system” and copy “Config. Data” to the “PlayStation®3 system”.

      6. Transfer the ELDEN RING game from your memory


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    • Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
    • 3 GB of RAM
    • Graphics card with 512 MB VRAM and a DVI port
    • Open GL 2.0 or higher
    • DirectSound 7.0 or later
    • DirectX 9.0c or later
    • 5 GB of available space for installation
    Installation Instructions:
    Install the game using the standard install process. After installation, launch the Game once to begin installation of the expansion packs.


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