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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.68 / 5 ( 7641 votes )
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• Swordsman – Swords are the ultimate way to wield the power of magic!
• Thief – As these energetic and dexterous elves run down prey at the speed of the wind, we can only expect thieves to reach their goals through skill.
• Cleric – Anyone who has been blessed by the ancient temples can become a cleric. Clerics are imbued with the power of the sacred, helping those in need.
• Wizard – Spellcasting magic should only be used by those with a pure heart. Whether you’re riding a broomstick or summoning fireballs, wizards shape the magic world with their spells.
• Rogue – Steal anything you can get your hands on to make your way in the world. Nothing is sacred as long as you can carry it away. This is the life of a rogue.


• As a character who has the ability to wield magic, you’ll be able to develop your wealth of knowledge, health, and stamina as you choose the destiny that awaits you.
• As your strength increases, the gameplay becomes more difficult, while the attributes of your physical power and magic will also be increased.
• By collecting experience points, your APLENTY will increase, giving you an edge in battle.
• As you level up in all three areas, you will obtain various skills for each attribute and receive various bonuses.
• When you reach the Ultimate Edition, you will be able to obtain skills with the addition of APLENTY and skills for areas other than your Knowledge, Health, and Stamina.


• Stats will represent the levels you have reached.
• The higher your stats, the better your stats will be.
• While maintaining a high level in each stat will require time and effort, this effort will greatly increase your APLENTY, so you can use APLENTY points to your advantage.
• Attribute points for APLENTY will be acquired at various times, and the amount of stat points will increase in proportion to the APLENTY points that have been acquired.
• For example, when your APLENTY points are 400, you will be able to acquire a stat point for one of the attributes at a rate of 0.4.


• Items are the basic equipment that you will acquire to equip your character.
• Using the


Features Key:

  • A New Action RPG
    Sensing an alluring situation in the world, Tarnished will gradually become an “Elden Lord” and go on a perilous adventure in a world of tension where fantasy meets reality, where the fantasy and real fantasy await you.
  • Dynamic Customization
    With 19 different types of weapons, 7 types of magic spells, and 5 types of armor, there are over 500 pieces in total to experiment with. You can freely assemble your desired weapon or armor to create a powerful partner.
  • Card Battling
    In a tradition dating back to childhood, collect and fight well-made cards to prove your skills. No collection is complete without a keystone, and multiple ones will let you craft the ultimate card deck!
  • A Wide World
    As you explore the rich landscape and numerous dungeons, you can grow accustomed to the defeat of bosses, master a new spell with one of the several types of Draugr, and unlock rare skills and items.
  • The Present
    Plan ahead! Befriend Draugr! Travel to the real world! Detonate bombs… Even build your own world!
  • Features under development:

    • Do you think there is room for more when a good game can be so expansive?
      We are constantly adding new features in every part of the game. We want to meet your expectations and fully experience the action-RPG you’ve just fired up.
    • Unique fantasy world with characters who hope for a future. (If you’d like to experience a new fantasy world, please visit Ride the fantasy world.)

      We dream of an Elden world filled with a sense of history, a world of magic, mystery, and…
      of course, everyone dreams of an Elden world with wings.

      We’ve also been inspired by famous authors such as Lain Halcyon.

      Have you ever


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      A great RPG, a nicely balanced game play that overall amazes. Very nice presentation, fantastic music and a great voice-over was recorded by professional voice actors, the english scripts are clear and fit the game, the story is that of a traditional RPG, usually RPG stories are centered in more edgy and changing situations, but this is not the case here, probably because the story is conceived for the game play, and it works very well, the story is calm but loaded with many twists and obstacles. There are no sales pitch, no message to anybody, but you are familiar with a genre that is usually more mature and edgy, for this reason I think that the story reaches the end effectively and with all the possibilities that the genre offers, although a bit predictable and repetitive the game is an easy one to play with the high number of actions that you can do, probably one of the most simples and easy games in the genre. It`s a good investment for a simple RPG, it`s not lacking.

      Rated 3 out of 5 by Lance23 The best of best on the market. Gameplay was awesome from the get go. However, world was buggy. And that is no exaggeration. All my party was dead the first 3 to 4 times I entered a new area. Characters would die instantly. Items would disappear, sometimes characters would pick up weapons or armor from enemies and in some areas when I entered a town and walked around some members of the party would not have anything equipped. It was ridiculous! We won the game at the end against a fully upgraded party! I felt that something was missing. The story was interesting and one of the best I`ve seen in the genre. I think it is just the randomness that the game was buggy. Now with patch one it is very playable for the rest of us. I would not suggest it as a buy before they fix the world. You may think “well what was the point in buying a game with bugs in it, it will never work on PC”. I played this game on both my desktop and laptop and both were back when I bought it. Yes I bought a game without bugs and I have to say that in this day of day PC games with terrible bugs it is rare to find one that can actually run. For this reason I will say that if you buy this game you will get value for your money. The graphics are awesome. The music is awesome. The voice acting is very well done. The gameplay was great.


      Elden Ring Incl Product Key


      A new fantasy action RPG in which you fight with magic and the sword in an Elden setting.

      • Create your own character with four classes. There is nothing separating classes from one another. • Plan your map and game strategy. Do you want to go to a far away map or to a dense forest? It is up to you. Create your own map freely and repeatedly. • With friends nearby, enjoy co-op mode together. You can not only work together to defeat a monster, but also communicate while being together.

      Game Features

      The game world is a 4×4 grid map that allows both two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs. • Characters walking on the map are displayed in 2D, but 3D movement can be activated. Characters can approach as close as a short wall. • The real-time movement system is simple and fluid, allowing for smooth and enjoyable movement.

      Celestial Runes

      With celestial runes, the game world is full of mysterious patterns and ideas. • You can get bonuses for using celestial runes of items that you have not used. • There are a variety of celestial runes obtained as drops, which must be used to complete certain quests.


      The game features the Freezy Abyss dungeon. Players can freely create their own dungeon with 4×4 grids and up to 65 monsters. In Freezy Abyss, you can unleash unique weapons and items by using upgrading skills.


      1P Guide

      1P Guide is a tool developed by the team that is used to provide instructions to the player with a lot of useful information.

      • It can display a map, log of skills, character details, equipment, and offer a variety of other functions.

      2P Guide

      2P Guide is a tool developed by the team that is used to provide instructions to other players with a lot of useful information.

      • It can display a map, character details, equipment, and offer a variety of other functions.

      Expert: Delivering Expert is a special skill that can be used to provide assistance to other players. If the other player’s status gets low enough, you can also heal their status.


      The Soul Box

      There is a box named the Soul Box that will save the item drop rate. You can receive item drop rates of +10% when it is empty. When you


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Preproduction has just begun and there are more content to be revealed. Please look forward to more details in the future.

      Our official website is

      English | 日本語

      July 26, 20171719Q:

      Express the language $N^*_{text{yes}}$ as DFA.

      I wonder how should I interpret the following question and how it can be solved.
      Let $L$ be a language such that the following conditions are satisfied:

      there are two different values for $xin N_text{yes}$, and let $x=n_1, x=n_2$ be them
      there is $lambda$ $L(0)$, $lambda>0$

      Then how can I express the language ${L|x=n_1}$ as a DFA?
      I have the following idea:
      Let $x=n_1$, then we have that $L(0) = {#}$ and that
      $L(i) = {# | i = 1,2,cdots, n-1}$.
      Then the language ${L|x=n_1}$ will be
      $L(omega) = {#|omegain Omega } = {# | omega = 1, omega = 2, cdots, omega = n-1}$
      Does this make sense? And how can I implement this idea?


      Every language over ${0,1}$ can be described by a DFA with at most $2$ states:

      When $x = 0$, the DFA has two accepting states. When $x = 1$, the DFA has two accepting states.
      When $x
      eq 0 lor x
      eq 1$, the DFA has zero accepting states.




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      WHAT’S NEW:
      * New improvements to movement and combat
      * New dialogue between characters
      * New weapons and armor, and new types of armour
      * New elements of customization
      * New story of the Lands Between
      More to come soon…
      Disclaimer: please, be carefull!
      Do NOT share this game, or tell people you’re playing it!
      Virus/Trojan Protection:

      The war between realm of the dragons and the realm of the darkness.
      Now, enter the Lands Between where your actions will determine the fate of the realms.
      Choose your birth, age, and gender of your charcter.
      Do not forget to create a character of your own personal style.
      Now your charcter is ready to go!
      Pre-order e-book will have pleasure of playing beta version of the game!
      Chapter 1 is already here :D
      Enjoy your time and remember:
      Its your life – it’s your story – it’s your game!

      I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I have been playing this since chapter one, and to thank you for creating this gem. It’s so beautifully made and I look forward to seeing it be completed in future updates. I also love that you’re holding off on making it a pay game at this point in time, it’s amazing the amount of work that goes into this game. Keep up the great work!
      Thank you so much for making this game, you’re truly making my retirement years a wonderful one.

      thank you so much for the update. I have been playing the online map for a few days. i really like the fact that you allow free roam in the map.
      The only change i can think of that would be nice to offer would be ability to trade skills/equipment with other online players.
      Other than that i have enjoyed testing your game in the


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      System Requirements For Elden Ring:

      Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (64-bit)
      Intel Core i3 or better CPU, or AMD equivalent or better
      4GB RAM
      12GB HD space
      DirectX 9.0c
      HDD space needed for installation: 2GB.
      This game requires a standard Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you can get a free one here.
      Download Links (US PSN, EU PSN, UK PSN):
      You will also need this file in the