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Based on the epic novel, Tarnished Prince, (Sequel to the Tarnished Prince) THE Elden Ring Activation Code ® is the latest installment in the action role-playing fantasy genre from Square Enix.

A new fantasy action RPG,The Tarnished Prince!
◆The Land Between
The Lands Between is a magical place that conjured by the Old Gods.
A vast, brand-new world that the players create to guide their characters.
Discover new characters, enemies and countless stories of love, loss and betrayal while exploring the Lands Between!
◆Four Classes of Characters
The game has four classes of characters, and each class offers their own unique technique.
Choose your character class and support one of them to use all of the class skills and techniques.
Archer: A swift, beautiful bowman who attacks from a distance, and becomes a deadly assassin as a Master of Hand, Guns or Magic.
Warrior: A hardy, loyal warrior who will attack enemies with powerful weapons, and becomes a deadly, strong battler with the combined power of an Archer, Magic and Guns.
Mage: A cunning wizard who casts devastating magic with impressive spells and becomes a deadly trickster with a multitude of spells and magic.
Hunter: A fearsome beast hunter with an axe and a bow who strikes from the shadows and becomes a dangerous hunter and fisher with the use of a bow and arrow.
◆Three Types of Environment
The Lands Between is a vast, brand-new world, and it varies in characters, monsters, and landscapes.
The largest area of the Lands Between is the “open area” where you will battle enemies and explore the world, but you will also battle monsters in some areas.
A miniature world called the “dungeon” is interconnected to the open area, and you will be able to access dungeons located in various places in the open area.
◆High-end Action and RPG
Equip and enhance your character to bring out their strength!
Equip the weapon that your character is best suited for to best defeat your enemies!
There are over 150 different weapon types, and the 100 special weapons that the character has will enhance their attack power.
When you recruit new monsters into your party, prepare to fight them in incredibly fierce battles!
High-quality graphics, quick battle animations, high-quality sound and excellent music will immerse you in the game.
◆Exciting Story of the


Features Key:

  • In the Belly of the Endless Dragon
    An ethereal world where the difference between real and virtual is faded with the main character being constantly surrounded by the existential atmosphere of the lands.
    The living body of a woman drifts in and out, providing the player with the feeling of being inside the game.
    Whenever the player transforms into a monster or searches for treasure, the woman will gasp and invoke a strange feeling.
    A gloomy dream world brimming with loneliness, where you will show your power and gain fame as a hero.
  • A New Fantasy Action RPG
    A new fantasy RPG with a relatively open world and complex dungeon designs that go beyond the limitations of the traditional experience.
    In addition to action and RPG elements, dungeons are rife with the sense of danger.
    As the descendant of the group that established the Elden Ring, you can change anything at any time.
    Link with others by entering the dream world of the woman, who drifts in and out.
  • Maintain Your Title…It’s a Noble Profession!
    You can obtain the title of the “Elden Lord,” making you a feudal lord. Gaining the title will make it easier to find other people who can marry up with you or accept jobs from you.
    Choosing the “Tree of Life” will grant you access to the contents of a dungeon.
    Spending money in the tavern will let you increase your level or purchase new equipment and spells.
    Choose both from this lifestyle and the noble profession of adventuring.
  • Unfolding With a Single Click
    Unfold the world of the Lands Between by selecting different pieces of information in the world map, allowing you to find new routes and dungeons.
    If you want to gain access to a special treasure or wish to be able to change the world, use the click icon.
    Or when you have found everything you want, click the completion icon to finish the quest.
    You can use this map to choose the locations that you want to interact with.
  • Open World Exploration Stays in Style
    Explore the world at your leisure and discover everything in it. You can travel freely, which lets you gain a sense of accomplishment and feel a sense of freedom.
    In times of peace, you can talk with villagers and thematic NPCs in the village, perhaps developing a relationship between the two.
    In times of disaster or times of


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    “It’s a story RPG that’s well written and has something to say. It’s also immensely entertaining.”

    “The game has an excellent introduction with a large open world filled with new quests and dungeons to find… the game has a lot of fun characters and is very easy to get into the swing of things.”

    “A very enjoyable RPG. I never got tired of collecting gold and silver like in Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. It’s a very good game and I recommend it.”


    The newest ‘best RPG’ by Apps Planet. Released on Feb. 4th, 2018.

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    It’s open world. You can explore in all directions and find new things in it.

    A huge number of quests await you in different places. New quests appear depending on your presence. Even if you leave the town, new quests will appear.

    Puzzles. It’s challenging and fun!

    The battle system is 3vs3 battle with up to four people online.

    On the top of the head, it’s free, so that is why it’s getting so much attention.

    Japanese voice acting and VOIP.

    And since it was a worldwide release, English support!

    The newest ‘best RPG’ by Apps Planet. Released on Feb. 4th, 2018.

    “If you played Mana/Tales of the Abyss, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or Pokémon, you’ll know what this is going to be like.”

    World Premiere Game Ever! The new open world RPG is returning to the Japanese market for the first time in the last two years after a long hiatus. This is the world


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    Up to Twelve Players to Play Online as a Party• Two Worlds, a Landscape, a Boss Battle• Open World of Grace at the Center of the Game • Landscape Changes Dynamically from Across the World• A New Adventure with a New Game System
    The world of A World Reborn is a land where travelers from across the world come. With ruins of grand civilizations yet to be discovered, it is a land torn apart by war and dominated by impious fiends and their hordes of evil minions. It is a land that once had heroes, but now it is a land full of

    terrors and evils of immense proportions.

    The story of A World Reborn revolves around the “Land of the Apathetic”, a land filled with tyranny and hatred, a land whose time has come for salvation.

    The ELDEN RING video game centers around a world torn by war between a warlike race and an evil race. The war has been raging for long and as the conflict intensifies, it is becoming a matter of life or death. To save their adopted father, Zen and sisters Kureha, Mahiro, and Zenichi encounter a mysterious blue girl named Sara who brings about great change.
    With the approval of their adopted father, the chosen ones embark on a quest and receive the princess Sara as a gift. This gift seems to be tainted by an evil spirit and the heart of the princess has been taken by a mysterious man with a voice that seems to echo across the heavens.
    It is an adventure, a journey, and an opportunity to seize a new life in a land that is but a shadow of its former glory.

    Features ELDEN RING game:
    A World Reborn is an open world RPG that is dynamically changing at various times across the world. There are three types of randomly generated layouts that accompany the story in addition to online multiplayer. In addition, such elements as demons, monsters, and special events change all the time and these changes impact the environments and the adventurers. As well, the variety of items, skills, and magic will flow with the times.
    • A New Action RPG
    The game has a variety of action elements with a sophisticated development of stat management and evolution of the character. A hybrid of action RPG and action RPG with simple controls and large amounts of content.
    • A New Action RPG System
    The game’s action RPG system is composed of a variety of elements. Their composition, weight, and scaling make it possible


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Click to expand…

    Well, those “exclusive items” sure sounds very EPIC to me…Wonder if there will be patches to get new maps as DLC like it was with Diablo 2?

    Yeah, I am starting to get a feel for the story now, a lot of talking and philosophizing. Perhaps it goes something like this:
    After being captured and then quickly escaping he then runs into another orc and says, “How is it fair to be strong when Orcs are stronger than you? How is it right for the strongest among us to be oppressed while fewer stronger are in control?
    The other orc just raised an eyebrow and nodding said, “Just because you beat us the last time and won’t feed us don’t assume we hate you, it’s not in your best interest.”
    The newly renamed character nodded, saying, “Well, I see. That makes sense. But what about all of this? I haven’t been training or fighting. How have I been trained in the power of the Blood and the strength from the Blood?”

    They then notice a young elf standing nearby, for it seems she hadn’t slept at all and was walking about, wailing “They killed my mother! They killed my mother!” they’re both taken in, as she explains how her mother was killed by orcs and told how tragic such circumstances are. Her mother is quickly touched by their honesty and then this lead to their telling her they came to destroy the Undead and then she calmed and offered them food and shelter for the night. Soon after they took her back to their camp without violence, she felt the best thing for her mother would be to learn from her past mistakes.

    …the weeks and months after the story is told about how she grew in power and call herself Amber, what some of her past experiences were, and how she grew in power. The “of old.” At which point she then begins to jinxes to be able to overthrow her orc captors for their crimes and prevent them from doing so again.

    It’s a pretty good story I must say. It’s a lot of talking about things that I am not familiar with of Mythology, of royalty, of how religion and the prevalent world view of the time worked. Usually they come off as fairly peaceful and I am then given a powerful feeling, of going on and helping the characters, of myths like Osiris, Annuak and Kan, of lovely masculine goddesses like Artemis, Aphrodite and Diana,


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    When you think about the ELDEN RING, you might think about:



    Game play


    Single-player campaign


    Use a creation menu

    Battling with the balance


    Enemy creation


    A lot of weapons



    Game record

    More to come……….




    Adjust the following modules

    [Super Famicon]

    The appearance of characters


    The appearance of armor and the effect of accessories


    The appearance of Magic and the effect of accessories


    The appearance of elementals and the effect of accessories

    [Selling Price]

    You can sell an equipped armor for its selling price by using the selling option in the menu


    You can lock the movement and attack speed by using the guard menu


    Open the Config menu from the Creator menu


    You can open the Guide menu from the Creator menu


    The appearance of Amalga and the effect of accessories


    You can mute a character’s voice by using the mute option in the Creator menu



    Choose one out of the following configurations

    The movements of the movement parts can be locked, or the


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7 64 bit or later
    Processor: Intel Core i5 or later
    Memory: 8GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia 8 series or later
    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Drive: 8GB available space
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    Additional Notes: Control Panel must be available. Installation program does not install the game.