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DrJava 20071221 For PC [Updated]

DrJava is a versatile Java IDE developed by Software Crafters. It’s main purpose is to help beginners focus on the development process rather than learning how the application works. You can write, test and debug code interactively using the source code editor. It features syntax coloring, brace matching, comment insertion, line numbering, syntax highlighting, auto-completion and clipboard history support. All these characteristics are designed to simplify your work, understand the document structure and identify errors easier. You can work with multiple documents simultaneously and quickly switch between them. It includes advanced search and navigation tools, as well as a bookmark manager. The interface appearance is fully customizable, as you can change the theme, the toolbar buttons look, the colors and the window positions. All in all, DrJava is a lightweight Java IDE that can combine ease of use with powerful development tools, in order to provide a simple environment for learning introductory programming.
You can select the tools used by DrJava in the Tools option. These include DrJavaEdit, DrJava’s built-in editor, with the source code editor, the automated Java compiler, Java debugger and classes browser, which are the main tools in your hands.DrJava is a powerful Java IDE that has been designed from the ground up to provide an easy to use environment for learning Java programming. It includes a powerful editor, with support for auto-completion, code folding, project management, build integration, syntax highlighting and search and navigate features. You can select the tools used by DrJava in the Tools option. These include DrJavaEdit, with the source code editor, the automated Java compiler and Java debugger. It’s a powerful and intuitive Java IDE designed to provide an easy to use environment for learning Java programming.
DrJava is designed to work with multiple documents simultaneously. All documents are defined as classes, which is the main Java programming unit. You can create, view, edit and run your code from each of them at once. You can share the classes among the files using shared definitions. Furthermore, DrJava has a project manager that allows you to manage your projects and organize the files into a project structure. You can make snapshots of your projects in order to make backup copies, or to share your code with others. All in all, DrJava is a powerful Java IDE designed to provide an easy to use environment for learning Java programming.
With DrJava you can create, test and debug your code interactively using the source code editor. It’s designed to help beginners focus on the development process rather than

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KEYMACRO is a professional software package for creating macros and actions. It enables users to control Windows applications (document, Excel, etc.) through a macro interface.
KEYMACRO contains powerful macro creation facilities, as well as functions for various controls, objects and scripts. The code can be easily saved and then reused in other projects. Macro editors provide a visual programming environment and a set of wizards to assist users with creating code. It can be used to automate repetitive tasks in the application’s interface, enable you to control the application or to perform other tasks.
KEYMACRO also includes a software-development-kit that supports project development using the Java programming language. Java classes can be created and compiled automatically.
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EXEC-J includes:
Macro programming interface – It provides all the necessary tools to create macros. It includes a pre-designed programming interface, a series of wizards, and drag & drop tools for working with the interface.
Global variables – It provides a straightforward way to work with global variables and to manipulate their values. It includes a palette for entering their value.
Control objects – It offers an interactive programming interface that helps you control the application under development. It includes a set of methods that can be applied to the control object or to the control window.
Object properties – It helps you explore the document properties and edit their values through the property tree. It also enables you to create a global variable from the property value.
Scripts – It supports full scripting and enables users to create small programs that can be executed during the run-time. It provides a graphical user interface, as well as a text-based interface for creating and running the scripts.
Code editing – It provides a graphical programming editor for creating code and writing documentation. It supports the Markdown standard for formatting the code.
Interfaces (high-level programming interface):
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DrJava is a free, easy to use, powerful and fast Java IDE for students and educators.
DrJava includes a powerful language support and a flexible development environment, which enables you to make almost any programming task in Java easy and enjoyable.
The application includes a source code editor, a Java Platform Build Tool (JBuilder), a JUnit test runner and a powerful refactoring tool. It has an intuitive interface, which helps you to start developing your Java applications in an effective manner.
The application provides you with a powerful and efficient syntax highlighting for the Java programming language, that helps you to easily identify class members, methods, interfaces, variables, constants, keywords and other important information.
Moreover, the Java compiler can highlight Java syntax errors, and it can help you to refactor your code, to support multiple document editing and to test your projects. DrJava allows you to test your application in its context, which means you can debug and test classes, files and methods in your application.
In addition, you can use a source level debugger, a remote debugger and a monitor to connect to remote processes and view their state.
On top of that, DrJava enables you to search for classes, methods and variables, and navigate through the code using search and filter. You can use the application to perform refactorings and create comments.
DrJava has a user friendly interface with customizable look and feel. It can be run from the desktop and it comes with a set of rich features, including:

Syntax coloring



Code Completion

Annotation and error code highlighting


DrJava also includes a powerful set of features, such as:

Language tools

Code Completion

Syntax coloring

Error highlighting


Braces matching


Online compiler





Code folding



Eclipse integration

Remote debugging

Remote control

Classes and methods navigation


Comparison with other Java IDE
* Offers a powerful programming language support, that includes:

Multi-language syntax coloring

Code completion

Syntax highlighting

Code generation

Syntax errors highlighting

Syntax errors classification

Class files, methods and variables highlighting

Java compiler

What’s New in the DrJava?

DrJava is a development environment for Java programming based on NetBeans platform. Its main goal is to provide a simple way to get started with Java applications.
It includes an interactive code editor that can run within the NetBeans Platform, providing syntax highlighting, code formatting, automatic indentation, brace matching, line numbering, comment insertion, auto-completion and clipboard history support.
The application has a number of features designed to meet the requirements of more advanced developers: source code navigation, multiple documents, source level debugger, advanced regular expression support, notification, remote control, Java 6 support, a fully customizable user interface, applet capabilities and more.
The source code editor, as well as all the IDE features, can be used within the NetBeans Platform. This means that it can run as part of a Swing or AWT application.
The code editor also has a built-in file watcher, which can automatically detect file changes. When you save a file, DrJava will automatically parse and process any changed code.
Finally, it provides a build tool that can be used to generate the output of your code, running either from the command line or from the IDE. This enables you to test your application or generate documentation.
DrJava runs as an Eclipse compatible application and includes all the Eclipse features, such as a file navigator, a source code navigator, a regular expression builder, a classpath viewer and a debugger.
The program has a built-in Eclipse compatible debugger. It includes a powerful interactive Java source code editor and a build tool that is used to perform debugging, running, testing, compiling and deploying your applications.
All this can be used from the IDE and the application is fully compatible with Java 6.
Finally, DrJava can run as an applet and includes a handy interaction manager that helps you list the current interactions to definitions and compile your applet, providing a clean IDE and a reliable environment.
Multiple Documents
With DrJava you can open more than one file at the same time. Each file will appear as a separate IDE tab in the tabbed pane.
Project Management
You can use DrJava to create, compile and run your projects from a single location. It is a powerful editor that contains all the necessary tools to configure and manage your projects, such as the Git version control system, a Task List, a classpath explorer and a build tool.
Search and Navigation
DrJava allows you to perform regular expression searches and navigation in your source code. It can automatically detect the structure of the application and jump to a new document based on its structure. It also provides quick access to the definition of a class and its members, as well as the project-wide documentation and other relevant files.
Code Navigation
DrJava allows you to navigate through the source code using the up/down arrows in the source code editor. It can show the current file, the next/

System Requirements:

Win 7, Win 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (i3) 2.40GHz or better
Memory: 2GB or more
Graphics: 1024MB or more
HDD: 100MB or more
Output audio through the headphone port
If you do not see a Sound Options menu, you are missing the DirectX sound driver. Install DirectX Audio Driver.
Sound Settings (Mac)
If you don’t see the Sound Settings window, you need to add the system level configuration in