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DebriefNG Crack+

• Built from the ground up, the application uses Java 2.
• Supports.drf,.drk,.sdr,.csv,.dwt and.fbx files as input formats.
• Displays ship tracking data, including 2D and 3D ship tracks and/or position fixes.
• Supports multi-ship ships and multi-track ships.
• Up to 1,000,000 positions can be recorded.
• A database is available to store a ship’s location history.
• Includes a search module that allows to find the records of any ship.
• Provides a friendly and easy-to-use graphical user interface that facilitates the navigation of the data.

Weather Support

Nauti-Pi is designed to provide a complete way of using a weather station from mobile phone or tablet.
The weather station is connected to your mobile phone or tablet via WiFi.
The application will:

Send your weather data from the database to your phone or tablet.

Send weather forecast from the web to your phone or tablet.

Send local weather forecast to your phone or tablet.

Eclipse Forged

Eclipse Forged is a time-proven, open-source and free utility for the forensics and modeling of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.
It is a graphical application for creating, editing, and modeling polygons (whether they’re straight or curved), lines, and splines in 2D and 3D.

Digital Globe

Digital Globe is a comprehensive 3D mapping, navigation, and visualization solution that includes global basemap, global navigation, time synchronization, routing, automatic map generation, and community and open data access.
It is a flexible software platform that is easy to install, use, and customize to meet the needs of any organization. Digital Globe can be used as a standalone visualization platform for displaying 3D maps, as well as for routing, positioning, and as a portal to web resources.


Weather Mapper is a free and reliable source of weather information for the purpose of short- and long-range weather forecasting for all types of mobile and handheld devices, as well as the display of current weather conditions, forecasts and current weather maps.
Your device will be connected to a weather server.

4D Mapping

4D Mapping is an application that helps you in creating panoramic map.
It allows

DebriefNG Free (Final 2022)

With DebriefNG Crack Mac you can load a log file, automatically parse GPS messages in the log,
plot all ship positions and produce a number of various useful graphs of the data.
Graphs can be produced individually, for all GPS messages, for valid speed and course data,
and for individual positions too. You can print charts and maps of course coordinates,
plot search areas in real time with a nice chart moving around the coordinates of your position.
You can even cross-check ship positions against the plan to see if they match or not.
DebriefNG Crack For Windows can be used to help you understand the logic of your vessel routes and plan your
sailing. You can even make sure that your vessel is sailing on time by plotting the route
and then plotting the actual position of the vessel against time.
You can use DebriefNG as your vessel tracker too, and use it to see if you are drifting
from the planned course.


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The number of credits provided by an evaluation is calculated based on the area that you make use of in debriefng.
Use our FAQ for more information about the evaluation.


You can either purchase an Evaluation or you can make your individual use of debriefng be an evaluation.
These cost credits, so you’ll have more credits for your next purchase.


If you only make use of a small area of the application, you can purchase a license that lasts for 1 year.
A license last for a year. So if you purchase a license today, it will cover you from 01-01-2018 until 31-12-2018.


If you use a bigger area of the application, it will cover you from the start of your trial period until the end of the trial period.
This mean the same as the monthly licenses, but it will last a whole year. So the cost per month will be $9.00 USD, but
the cost per year will be $25.00 USD.’use strict’;

module.exports = {

DebriefNG Free 2022

DebriefNG is a plotting application for nautical data, based on a set of open source
files and source codes.

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This is the publisher’s recommended minimum memory size for this software application. The minimum storage requirements for this software application are 256MB of random access memory (RAM).

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What’s New In DebriefNG?

With software developed for maritime detection,

patrolling, tracking and situational awareness of vessels, trackers can generate a vast amount of data. Often, this data is not presented in a format that is easily comprehended or interpreted by the individual in command of the vessel in question, thus requiring an analysis that is beyond the scope of any standard PC.

DebriefNG is a leading 2D marine vessel tracker for operational software solutions. You can view multi-vessel tracks in different formats including the latest CTF-cert, and see where they went as well as the operation of the ECDIS. You can also search for and identify special targets like combatant vessels or special operation forces (SOF) from the US Navy. As an add-on to track files, tracks can be analyzed based on the sensor information and the mission profile of the ships in order to increase the situational awareness of command posts or fleet commanders.

But 2D tracking isn’t the only thing DebriefNG can do. The application supports 3D tracking and mapping. This adds a brand new dimension to operational awareness. Support for complex line data as well as triangulation of the position of a ship makes DebriefNG the tool of choice for tactical scenario planners.

For those who need additional performance, the application offers on-the-fly tiling of the graph of tracked vessels to increase the size of the displayed area up to x 2 or more without affecting the performance.

In addition to the 2D and 3D features, DebriefNG supports track file processing. This includes attaching a mission profile to a vessel track, displaying the corresponding maneuver patterns and periodograms, and converting color depth-gradients to grayscale.

Updated 3D support

Definitively adding a new dimension to operational ship tracking, new features in DebriefNG version 5.0 and above now offer complete 3D support.

Modern radar systems offer 3D solutions. That means that you now don’t only view the track of a vessel as a flat sheet, but are also able to view the track in the third dimension.

Tracks of tracked vessels can be viewed as a 2D map. The position of each track is shown as a dot and the position of the ship is given as vector length. DebriefNG supports the viewing of multi-vessel tracks in 3D mode as a 2D map. You can see where they are, where they are heading and where

System Requirements For DebriefNG:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 @ 3.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS 256 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Network: Broadband Internet connection required for online gaming
Recommended Specifications:
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1 GB
DirectX: Version 11.1