by tisha goyal
Published: July 16, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

In your life, you may have come across the term Cloud Computing but do you know what it really
stands for? To explain cloud computing in the simplest terms means putting as well as locating data
and programs over the internet in place of your computer's hard drive. Fascinating right? You need
to reach your data or your programs over the internet, or at the minimum, have that data synced
with other information over the network. It has become an important part of the IT sector. Its
advantages help and allow businesses, companies plus users to control their technological resources
and data.
If you find yourself interested in cloud computing and wish to start your career in the same, you
have landed at the right place! Here we will talk about various sources to study the same!
Let us begin with understanding why is Cloud Computing important and what merit do we gain by
studying it.
Here are a few benefits of the course:

1. Cost Saving: Storing and saving is not only easy but also your content and info online
turn out to be cost-saving as no money is spent on buying hard drives.
2. Speed: With the help of a few clicks and search, you can easily and fastly get the
resource or file that you are looking for.
3. Security of Data: This is one among the other significant factors as it keeps the data
safe and protected. But it can only be possible if proper coding is applied or done to
make sure that your work and details are protected.
4. Control: It provides the users the control and power to gain, use and locate input
across the web.
5. Space: Provides a large platform to store various information, content all over the
6. Prevents Data Loss: Here the data is saved and backed up to stop it from getting lost.
In this way, it helps in recovering moreover tracking down such input.

The benefits sound so fascinating, right? Now that we have your full attention as well as
interest, we will tell you why and from where exactly you can learn this yourself.
Let us learn about 7 unknown facts that would help us fire up our career and opportunity in this
1. Choosing the right certification
Before starting with the course, one must make the right decision of choosing the correct
source. There are many courses available online and offline related to cloud computing but
it is very essential to pick the right one. It would be appropriate to start with the beginner’s
guide and then step by step learn the higher levels. So do not be careless with this, okay?

2. Create a strong cloud resume
After choosing the right source and completing your training and course, one should create a
cloud resume that would help with getting job interviews in companies. To make it look
good, keep it updated with all the projects and work you are doing or have done during your
training, or about your internships. A good résumé creates a good impression. You would
like that, right?
3. Start your career by working for free
As a fresher, you can start your career by working for free because this would help in
building up your resume and it would show that you have a good understanding and
knowledge of the topic. Yes, you saw that right! Just because it is free does not mean that it
is worthless. Grab every such chance that you get.
4. Curiosity
This is an important point. Being curious and interested and satisfying it by working on it.
Showing your interest in Cloud shows that the person is interested and would try different
steps to increase their skills and make it better. It also means that a person is open to trying
new things. Just like the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it
5. Maintaining a strong network
A big and good network of the same can be helping in getting a good job, also in answering
or clearing doubts regarding the same as well as about any particular course in the given
6. Become analytical
Adding this skill along with your other skills will be quite advantageous. The more knowledge
and information you have about understanding, working, usage plus performance about the
above mentioned, the better and beneficial it would become for you.
7. Determination
This is the final point which would be useful in your career. Confidence is the key so are
determination and will. You will get plenty of opportunities and chances to go on interviews.
At times, you are not able to clear it but it is okay. Remember the famous saying that failure
leads to success. Do not lose hope. Have confidence in yourself. Find out where you went
wrong and learn from your mistakes. Work harder and practice more. Do not give up and
focus on your goals. Keep in mind that all your hard work would finally lead you to your
success one day.

Listed below are some popular and top Cloud Computing Courses Online:
1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

This course will teach you the basic and general concepts of the course. Also, would help you
get an understanding of the evolution along with the fundamentals systems on which the
course is based on.
2. Azure Introduction to Cloud Services
Educates the students about what cloud is, different services it offers with services provided
by Azure.
3. Cloud Computing Concepts
Tells about various types (like private, public, or hybrid), models(SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) in addition
to the fundamentals. It will also give you a detailed overview of the same.
4. Cloud Engineering with Google
Teaches you the structure and functions of the Cloud. They also would provide you the skills
to make yourself better and successful in this field.
5. Cloud Computing Basics
Educates together with describes the basic and key concepts, technology, and structure of
the subject. Would teach you technical questions and will prepare you for your interviews
with the help of their fundamentals.
These are only a handful of Cloud Computing Training stated above. Like we said earlier, it is
up to you to do a thorough research and choose a course which you think would be the best
for you!
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and enroll yourself with an online Cloud Computing
Course and Training and make the best out of it!